how to make elves cool again:
they're plant people (pleeple?) and need to roll around in the heckin dirt to get nutrients. absolute mud gremlins


I just got home from Day of the Devs and I had an okay time.

saw Darren Korb (bastion, transistor, pyre musician) play a guitar while I stood literally right next to Tim Schafer so that was a thing

It's 6 am and my ass is tempted to go to the store for a frozen pizza bc I'm an unstoppable force of nature and I *will* eat that the moment I'm home

bless radtown for 1000 character posts, I can actually compose a complicated thought instead of working in tiny chunks

mh, impact of trauma on social life 

mh, impact of trauma on social life 

Queer Liberals: "There is no 'gay agenda.'"
Queer leftists: "The gay agenda is the destruction of capitalism, the patriarchy, and the state."

medical (-) 

It's always wild to me being an admin or mod for a community with people in it who're way older than me. (I help run a few discord servers)

like this one person mentioned they got out of college 30 years ago and I'm like, I'm not even 30 years old yet??? how is this allowed

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