regular energy: 0%
nervous chaotic hell energy: over capacity

seasons greasons everybody, it's that slime of the year


I used to think I'm tall but as it turns out, ~5'10" is only little a tall

Yesterday I slept like 5 hours laying in my gf's lap and that was the most relaxed I've felt in months and now I'm craving it again already

Decided I'm resigning at the end of next week before the holidays. Looking at a new job which should hopefully pick up soon

I could really use some financial support right now! I'm a latinx enby dyke and having a rough December
Venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash app: $hamsterpower

Chanting while doing crafts as a form of magic

other ppl at almost 5 am: sleep

me: blasting neo psychedelica bc I live by forest rules and no others

friendly flirting is nice once in a while honestly

lewd uhhhhh 

I've been on hormone therapy almost nearing 7 years now, what the actual fuck.

who needs a VR headset when you can go to sleep. dreams are just your built in VR

Tired: Recommending people Mastodon because it's a decentralized alternative to corporate social media

Wired: Recommending people Mastodon with stories about how we defederated from the nazis and terfs, or when cops were banned from the biggest instance

Things you can do instead of watching YouTube videos:

- Work on that creative project you've had in your head for a while
- Read that book you've been wanting to start/finish
- Look up (on duckduckgo) information about something you're curious to learn about
- Dance to some music
- Make a tik tok video


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