they say that overwhelming firepower cant buy happiness, but its better to cry in a mech

the solution is obvious. use mechs to end war. whats the worst that could happen?

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wide shots of several dozen indistinguishable characters where nothing happens and dramatic music is playing is the action equivalent of laugh tracks

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our demands are clear. #GetTarzanboyAMech. #GiveMorganAMech. anything less than this, and we riot. We The People will have mechs


"[the person you're talking to's name]"
- keeps them guessing. throws them off guard. established dominance.
- chaotic energy
- perhaps some kind of fae name-stealing creature?
- I used to be you and now I'm not and it's bc I'm better than you

my gender is a joke, in the sense that i dont think words can label me correctly, and a sense of whimsy is closer to my gender than any label could ever be

i dont feel like "assigned gender at birth" is totally accurate for me. my mom and the doctors could have just shrugged when i was born but society would still impose a binary gender on me. forced gendering isnt a one time thing, its a constant

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