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gender is a game and I have decided not to play


you can post o7 all you want but the truth remains, it cant be changed. that's the wrong hand. you're metaphorically pissing on all the troops by posting o7. and i support and love you

there comes a point where you socially transition from "afraid of the responsibility that comes from being handed the aux cord" to "give me the fucking aux cord we're gonna listen to florence again"

big boss's eternal war but its eternal revolution

spanish is so easy because we call colons "two dots" and semicolons "dot and comma"

I have brought peace, freedom and security to my new empire*

*class of toddlers im teaching math to

"the only way to get to the father (god!!) is through the son (jesus)" I say as I explain my plan to seduce my dilf neighbor

neighbours dancing to weird music in the street at 3 am

they're a bit annoying but so darn valid

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