I just finished Mr Robot have any people with headmates seen it and what do u think?

im devising a philosophical system that is externally coherent. it takes into account and is compatible with every other thing that exists

Hey hi hello yes educating and raising and helping the young humans you brought into the world is actually just as important as any other Political Work you do in your life.

Autistic/adhd people would fucking thrive without capitalism

Imagine having the ability to pursue your special interests and hyperfixations completely unimpeded by having to work for a living or whatever

Imagine not being expected to mask shit and u can just,,, live

*riding a motorcycle, circling around bethesda hq with a megaphone* todd howard is elvis

whaaaats the deal with godot?? he doesnt even show up for his own play!!! *seinfeld bass* :mario_awe:

I once ran a dumpster fire of a game for a group of players that all "happened" to roll up fighters, barbarians, and fighter-barbarians with incredible STR and literally the very first encounter they couldn't deal with a couple of flying enemies at all. They called themselves the "swole bros." and they couldn't even deal with a single flock of birds

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hello. im doing commissions now. if you'd like one you can message me on discord! morgan#1846

i'd need some character references or a good description. i'll give you an idea of how long it'll take, and give regular updates in case you wanna add or change anything

i dont do furry or nsfw stuff, and using kofi for payment for now! ko-fi.com/S6S6FL3E

boosts appreciated ❤️

uncaptioned color game thing 

@revolvolutionary 🐛 🐛🐛🐛

texas ""instruments"" yeah sure. how am i meant to play anything on this

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