Hey, everybody. Who’s ready for some more isolation?

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@thursday yeah, just waiting for the covid test results. It’s hard to tell when you just wake up, but I feel about the same as I have for the past couple days. How’re you?

@remulacfrommars the anxiety and the being cooped up are really starting to weigh on me. im feeling motivated this morning though i think. going to try and start figuring out some ways to make more structure and useful activity in my days.

@remulacfrommars im sure you know but make sure youre staying hydrated

@thursday I’m trying the same thing. I gave myself a week to do nothing. Now, I’m going to give myself little tasks to complete. I hope it works for both of us

@remulacfrommars I’m going to try to follow a schedule today, I felt myself becoming feral last week

How are you feeling today, friend?

@neoncoughh I’m the same, health wise. I agree about that schedule business. I can’t keep watching 15 hours of TV like I have been. I hope you find things to keep yourself busy

@remulacfrommars and I hope you keep feeling the same or better health wise ❤️

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