My favorite lesson from Harry Potter is that any one can succeed--even someone completely underwhelming like Harry--if they inherit vast wealth, go to an exclusive boarding school, and befriend people who are smarter and more competent.

It truly is a story for everyone


@remulacfrommars damn, it would be cool to suddenly learn that I was rich as fuck through no effort of my own

@remulacfrommars Hey do they ever explain how the Potter's got their vast fortune? It wasn't like they lived in some giant manor home or anything

@Thomas @remulacfrommars generational weath of unknown origin

which, yknow, explains a lot about jkr's worldview

@remulacfrommars Also can't wizards just *make* gold and shit? Who's to stop them? Coins and shit would be totally valueless in a magic society. *Cinema Sins ding* This whole thing is falling apart at the seams.

@Thomas @remulacfrommars there are apparently five things you can't just Make magically, one of which is food. it's never specified what the others are but money is probably one of them

you just gotta be born into vast generational wealth instead

@Thomas @remulacfrommars well, maybe they had the mass wealth and just didn't want to live in a giant manor!

@toast @remulacfrommars James Potter was embezzling from the ministry of magic and instigated Voldemort's attacks to cover his crimes. When he tried to cut V out of the scheme he got murked

@remulacfrommars The Sorting Hat giving out the Sword of Gryffindor is no basis for a system of government!

@remulacfrommars and let's not forget the value of having people in front of you to take the bullet so you can achieve greatness.

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