I think a lot about how Armistice Day, a day about the end of WW1 that was supposed to make us think about how shitty and pointless war is, became troops rule and war is good day

@remulacfrommars There's nothing we can't turn around into praising the good troops whomst we send to war

@radicalrobit it’s true. Facebook and Instagram have taught me that every holiday is about the troops

@remulacfrommars Personally I love how pretty much all day on Thanksgiving the only three things you'll see on TV are the parade, football games, and about how hard it is to get turkey to the troops.

This Thanksgiving I'll give thanks to the C5 Galaxy planes helping to keep our good boys and girls fed so they can shoot more brown people. Amen.

@remulacfrommars Every year in school we had to hear about how these brave young men toooootally died for peeeace and freeeedom guyzzzzzz like no they died pointlessly for rich people's pissing contests and it was horrible and it shouldn't happen again how hard is that to admit

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