Look, I’m just doing my incredibly racist and harmful job. Stop being mean to me!

@remulacfrommars Remember that time someone put like 3 shots through an ICE office window? Not bringing it up for any relevant reason of course just asking questions.

@remulacfrommars Leave it to the New York Times to humanize the modern day gestapo.

@remulacfrommars @firescotch i was wondering how to put that in words, i'm glad i scrolled before trying

@firescotch @remulacfrommars I read "moral crisis" and thought "wow, this could be interesting", and then ... oh, it said "morale crisis". Oh. Too bad people feel bad about incarcerating and deporting people.

@remulacfrommars ‘many agents have grown defensive, insular and bitter’ as if they weren’t twisted fucks before now

@dreadpirateyarr what one of them said was a long the lines of, “many of us dream of running into smoking buildings and taking down bad guys. Now we have to feed children, and it’s a bummer.” Fuck these people

@remulacfrommars someone wrote to the Dear Prudence column a while ago saying, "my husband is an ICE agent and suddenly my friends don't want to be friends with us anymore, how do I make them see that he's really a good guy," and Prudence was like, "oh, see, your husband is a fascist actually, your friends are right to shun you"

@remulacfrommars @Pixley

In Portland when they protested by blocking the doors to the ICE offices, the agents were like

"This is so uncivil please let us go home to our families"


@remulacfrommars I see them driving around San Diego all the time. I always give the single digit salute! 🖕

@remulacfrommars i just want to be able to be unimaginably cruel and inhuman to a particular ethnic group without my conscience nagging me about it, please help me the new york times

US Pol 

@remulacfrommars so border control is now racist? How dare they!


I just want to live in the alternate timeline where the headlines typically read: "ICE agent asked to put child in cage, punches boss in face."

The subtitle: "No charges filed. District attorney laughs at request for comment."

@remulacfrommars i like this because it means we're getting to them. Keep up the good work everyone!
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