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Saw an ad for breathable underwear. I don’t want my underwear to breath. That means it’s alive, and what I’m making it do is weird

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The good thing about this drought ravaging Massachusetts is that my lawn is not growing. The bad thing is living in a field of dust

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covid opinion (I’m right) 

sitting on the paint can shaker at Home Depot and just vibing

My biggest flaw is my popularity, followed by my good looks and bonhomie

when i get bored, i like posting something on FB that gets people fighting in the comments, and just closing that shit out

I’m reading October. Turns out millennials were always a problem

I saw a movie in which some guy was able to be the Beatles all by himself for no known reason. It seemed kind of easy. I don’t get the fuss

i do think it's a mistake to blame all or even most of the things that make social media bad on numbers alone — the reasons are much more complex and more socially embedded. harassment and all that doesn't exist just because people get little gold stars for doing it sometimes, it exists b/c people want to do it & the culture around them allows them to do it

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i noticed a weird smell in the kitchen and upon investigation its an OLD POTATO STUCK TO THE WALL

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Why do I use Mastodon?

The same reason I use Linux.

(To meet women)

remember when apple changed the gun emoji to a squirt gun and instantly solved gun crime across the world

women are always saying shit like "surplus value" when all im interested in is lifting weights and comparing nipple sizes with my bros

dropping my coffee mug onto the ground where it shatters in slow motion as i realize qanon is absolutely an opus dei psyop to distract people from the catholic church.

Covid, schools 

I just dm'd Gargron to complain abuot the lakc of a search function amd he responded with "tough shit. Die mad nerd." Unbelievabel

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