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Saw an ad for breathable underwear. I don’t want my underwear to breath. That means it’s alive, and what I’m making it do is weird

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Robbie Robertson: so, the next line’s, “take a load off, Fanny”

The Band: okay

RR: take a load for free

TB: hmm...

RR: take a load off, Fanny

TB: is that it? Please say that’s it

RR: you put the load, you put the load right on me!!

TB: oh for fuck’s sake!

If anyone would like to continue following me in a different instance, check out my former backup that is now my main: @remulacfrommars

Radtown welcomed me after knzk ended, and it’s been a great home. I have no clue where I’m headed next

Recently finished my first day at the fulfillment center. It was disappointing

heard pink floyd- eclipse on the radio at publix and it was pretty funny to imagine that there was a classic rock station dj that first heard the song in the dune trailer and was like holy shit how did i miss this one

How would a tyrannosaurus react to being told it’s a Rex? I think dinosaurs would be weirded out by monarchy, personally

idk who needs to hear this but the mass hysterectomies at ice camps aren't 'neglect' or some kind of a horrid aberration. this is what america does. this is what america has always done

I’ve done the impossible/ weed 

I got medium-high

When the American white bread is traveling and doesn’t want to be hated

9/11 story 

There are many reasons I have a difficult time maintaining a straight face on 9/11, but chief among them is my memory of that day.

I was in a locker room, looking at the first tower burn. This old, naked man crossed in front of me then bent over a fountain to get a drink. I saw two things then I didn't want to see: this man's butthole and the second plane.

This is the image in my head whenever people talk about how you'll never forget where you were or what you were doing that day

I’m the annoying person at the 9/11 party that reminds everyone that Benghazi is the more recent 9/11. People love me

Update: I’ve decided to give it another day before I decide any bear attack is coincidental going forward

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I killed a bear in my dream last night. I feel powerful. I hope overconfidence won’t be my downfall

is it bougie to fire your financial advisor for underperforming?

What’s wrong with clout chasing? Oh no some person on online wants as many other people on online as possible to like and validate them. What a fucking dickhead they are.


Baking day. The kids and I made lemon bread to have this afternoon

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