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Saw an ad for breathable underwear. I don’t want my underwear to breath. That means it’s alive, and what I’m making it do is weird

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It’s cool Rowling’s publishers changed the philosopher’s stone to the sorcerer’s stone for American readers. For us, thinking hard is a kind of sorcery

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I started watching a Lifetime movie yesterday fully intending to Actually write it up as a goofy newsletter but I am taking..... too many notes, this is simply too silly, no one wants to read this

US pol - suicide joke 

the Harry Potter/Pokémon crossover no one asked for 

never got the andrew yang #followback. and now i will destroy him

Every Australian can be categorized as one of ten Koala Brothers characters and Brooko is Josie the Fashionable Kangaroo

it's very rainy (pictures of me, ec, boosts+) 

I could just chew a clove of garlic right now

but that'll probably have detrimental effects on my social life

in conclusion, civilisation is bad and a scam

I've contacted the ghost of Stanley Kubrick and he says Marvel movies are bullshit

I could use this as an opportunity to dunk on the ChapoTrapHouse subreddit but I could absolutely see this being a 10 part Mastodon thread

remember when harold pinter won the nobel prize and used his lecture to expose the crimes of american imperialism

all im saying is harold pinter was a cool guy who wrote good plays

the deep state keeps einsteins brain in a computer and uses it to control mastodon

I have dishpan hands, a condition thought to have gone extinct after the invention of Palmolive. Thought?

seeing the new bernie bros earnestly using the #mastodev tag kills me

watchmen series is premiering today, so global revolution should be kicking off

My middle age is being convinced anyone not wearing long sleeves must be cold

this is a listenmen stan account. I am holding laser and Matt to making the pod

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