Mastodon should make it easier for me to view a user's instance (by clicking the latter part of their username or something)

it came to my attention that this mastodon instance randomly throws 500 errors this evening, i think i found and fixed the cause, if it still happens to you, please ping me.
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**Long before Charles and David Koch, these oligarch brothers funded right-wing politics**

"When oligarch David Koch died on August 23 at the age of 79, right-wing politics lost one of its most vocal donors in the business world. Koch, along with his…"

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Not that many see that side as positive but if there is the will and backbone it gets stuff moving along nicer than if the folks go it alone...

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To be honest most are too tired to make fresh moves in right directions, i am speculating but it could be true as it is not instantly rewarded as it ought to be.

But i find that taking things in a good stride is a good feeling tbh!

Seeing all #Fediverse #Mastodon and #Matrix managed services: it’s good but still it’s not self-hosting if many relay on one hoster. I appreciate the effort they do bringing all the opportunity to have an own instance with own domain but, better to make it yourself. I’ll start a session to get people into the tech from very first stage without need of knowledge. #soon by #KABI

In case i FORGET IT, i am reposting stuff tbc!


Have a look at Matrix/Riot. It's great and can be self hosted as a part of a federated network (like Mastodon).

Using it since 2 years for all internal & family chats, radius growing.

#Matrix #Chat #Selfhosted #Federating

I was a detractor of the #Matrix sequels but after the splendor that was #Sense8, I’m inclined to be open-minded about a new movie.

Most folks who use the tag are not quite english-speaking it appears? 😆

I strongly recommended #Matrix #Mastodon #Diaspora and #PixelFed to them. #PrivacyYathra

When I asked people to raise their hands if they don't use #Facebook, there were many hands, when I asked for people not using #Facebook nor #Instagram the number reduced, when I added not #WhatsApp, there was just one hand. I'm happy there was at least one person. Abhinav, their FOSS Cell coordinator was that person.

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cleaned 12k+ extremities #matrix
(they are working on something, this isn't really a rant this time)
...yes..didn't automate it yet ... i was busy and lazy 😶


why is it specifically called horse/back/ riding. what other part of a horse would you ride. they are 90% back as seen from above


Man the ''run out of memory'' notice came on and disturbed my activity here so it wasn't really finished there, but i guess i got the gist of it all. 😭 😎

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