The thing about socialism that transcends capitalism is use values--providing use values and making this the measure of success: nutrition, life expectancy, health outcomes, housing, etc.

Using these as metrics of success (along with general happiness) rather than abstract figures (GDP per capita [useless when inequality is high) related to exchange values.

With that said, the post office is an amazing use value: send letters virtually anywhere for less than a dollar, send packages across the world, union wages, etc.

We take it for granted because we've always had it, but it's an amazingly efficient and affordable service.

It's not supposed to be profitable, it's not supposed to be measured by capitalist metrics--that's why it's important to defend, as a use value, and to push back on the whole "run it like a business" narrative.

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@Catsandcatsandcats @dreamsofcheese Also the initial funding for OCR was from USPS. We wouldn't have OCR without the Post Office

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