I've seen enough atomic science history videos to know where this is going


'ANALYSIS: How Will Continuing Lockdown Measures Affect Lord Mammon

'Lord Mammon Reacts To Biden Inauguration

'China Still Strong, But Experts Warn Lord Mammon Could Turn'

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Last part: israel excuses and ignores violent antisemitism when it fits.

after reviewing this idea, i will begrudgingly admit

there is ONE good use for nfts

and it is this

discussing events from WWII, Nazi mention 

TIL that when interrogating uncooperative Nazi POWs, US interrogators would dress up as Russian officers since there was little the Nazis feared more than ending up in Russian captivity.

Lmao at the person in Rico's replies acting like nobody knew the NSA was using metadata and the internet for domestic spying before Snowden despite the fact that many people already figured it out based only on what the NSA and the law said.

At the same time that missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people are being scrubbed from Instagram by Zuck.

They still won’t explain how a “technical issue” caused MMIWG2S posts to disappear on a national day of awareness.

Maybe Mark buying another 600 acres of our Hawaiian land and forcing us off of with US State cops and courts might come up. Also that sweet fossil fuel company money to erase the indigenous stopping pipelines, etc...

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Putting "Asian and Pacific Islander" in your Youtube video/stream heading will get it shadowbanned (no notifications to subbed) if you aren't an approved 'corporate channel' or celebrity saying, 'the right things' about AAPI during this AAPI history month. They don't want us Asians and Pacific Islanders being heard, apparently.

can you imagine if white middle class home owners in London had explosive flamable materials in the walls of their houses? that were known to have killed 80 people in a single incident? the tories would bend over backwards to have it dealt with in seconds. in tower blocks that have large black and south asian populations, as well as large poor white ones. what do we get? YEARS of knowing this is there, YEARS of 'we'll get around to it', YEARS of leaving people at risk. we got fucking lucky today that cladding went up and nobody died. there are 40 people getting medical attention right now, 2 quite injured but will likely live. this happened to them because the tories see saving money and dragging their feet preferable than to respect and care about these people as humans.

and now, at least several people have lost their homes because of this. and in London? you ain't getting more social housing. there are STILL people who have not been rehouses since Grenfell, YEARS on.

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all these fucking ghouls in the pharma industry who are shitting their pants over the idea that vaccines should have their patents waved are killing people not just now, but in the future.

of course non western states deserve the vaccine and it should not be horded at all, and they will die without that vaccination as India is showing us right now. but the thing is that, concentrating the vaccines that do exist into one area, giving a tiny pittance out to show how generous you are, while having a tiny amount produced, will mean more people die. the larger gaps you have in society for the virus to exist, the more that virus has the ability to mutate, and more specifically, to mutate in such a way that will lead to the vaccine becoming useless.

IP rights mean less places produce vaccines, less vaccines means more dead NOW and in the long term as the virus mutates leaving us open to MORE covid waves. and these inhuman black hearted scum who run these companies are screaming that this needs to happen so they make money. this is what people mean with capitalism being so short sighted it will kill itself.

1 year anniversary since the yankee goons got fucked up by Venezuela and this fucking cuck pissed his pants and had to lie in a pool of his own piss

@Manurweibling you already know Lenin would have thrived in the era of screenshot dunks

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