if Linux isn't a cobbled-together hunk of horse shit, why haven't they made Linux 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold

- paid product (quality guarantee)
- gamer OS
- don't have to fuck around with a command prompt if you don't wanna

- free (shitty)
- literally no games (0 games on Linux OS)
- gotta do hackerman bullshit to make it work at all

i assume that get enraged because someone insults a bunch of 1s and 0s but i seem to have found a few who will

@realtoddhoward hm but Linux has FOSS (Free Open Supergaming Software)

@realtoddhoward not surprised such a philistine hasn't played Tux Racer

@realtoddhoward i will make fedibooks one click to install on linux and take thirty minutes of command line bullshit to install on windows. fuck you

@lynnesbian just a girl who wants to talk about the latest technology...

@realtoddhoward You might wanna talk about technology then, instead of hawking propaganda we all got outraged over 10 years ago when it wasn't an old dead meme.

@cy ahhhh, the tried and true 🎣s still work. why change when i can play the hits

@realtoddhoward Watch out, or I might have to start singing about all your base in a computerized monotone.

@realtoddhoward @lynnesbian
Do you know why the file-browser "explorer" doesn't integrate at all in the overall system design? I do not know for sure but a guy told me that Microsoft does not have the rights to just change anything of it.

It does not really matter if that is true or not, because it is absolute plausible and shows whats wrong with proprietary software.

PS: Mastodon is FOSS too, just saying.

@realtoddhoward @lynnesbian
Linux is shit, Linux 2 is shit, but Linux 4 is good and Linux 5 will be fucking awesome ^^

@realtoddhoward this take is so hot I printed it out and I'm using it to cook breakfast

@realtoddhoward Windows has no such guarantee of quality, and support comes at a premium (if not from your OEM).

You clearly don't understand Linux. It's like saying "math is dumb" because you don't know basic arithmetic. Linux is awesome, there are tons of games (Steam, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, etc.), there are tons of different distributions, and several focus on making things easy to install, get working, and keep running.

Silly kid, Linux is for everyone!

@realtoddhoward in linux's defense, it takes equal amounts of effort to make "pee pee poo poo" posts on both windows and linux

@realtoddhoward Linux was my childhood. ever since I was born, I could code.

really struck a nerve in sone with this one haven't you uwu

@ida the one dude who wrote a novel down there blocked me after i was flippant in response LoL

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