got chipotle and the drink cup says "as real as it gets for 25 years" and my god that is a fucking existentially horrifying thought

@anna hmm... i would simply get a water cup next time and steal the soda so i don't have to read that bullshit

@realtoddhoward sorry toddetta..... this is real life not some safe space.... chipotle cups dont have content warnings.... what a noob........

@realtoddhoward no its chipotle it has a bunch of stupid fucking twee bullshit about water

@realtoddhoward im not going to go back to chipotle to take a picture of a water cup for you noob. go outside sometime

@anna i went to chipotle TODAY, you freaking gump. you know NOTHING about the water cups because you are a freaking BOOMER

@realtoddhoward damn straight and i have successfully petitioned the water district to pipe something useful into our homes instead, namely sugar free monster

@anna i think your bad at programming. i think that's the problem...

@realtoddhoward no i think ur bad at clicking on large rectangles. i hope this helps

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