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*spice girls wannabe voice*
if you got a danny glover,
you better have mel gibson
a bond formed between brothers
they're Lethal Weapons

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if i were mailed anthrax, i simply wouldn't open the envelope

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my wrath will be unceasing, terrifying. i have studied my whole life to deliver retribution, and for the lack of jagerbombs and jalapeno poppers? you will meet your end


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they were playing this song at Ross and the lyrics were like "iiiit's alwaaaayyysss Christmuussssssss" and i think i speak for everyone when i say no it isn't. there are literally 364 days, if not 365 sometimes when it is not Christmas. don't try to pull the wool over my fucking eyes here

my ultimate dream is to frag noobs forever while sipping from a chalice of the finest gamer girl piss

@realtoddhoward i think someone should explain to wayne that equating intelligence with elite university education is actually very problematic

do you remember when lil wayne said "she give me good brain like she studied at Cambridge". i think i really need a 14 minute youtube explainer about that line

cryptocurrency will kill superman

more like Nerds Enraged (me and lynne are the enraged nerds because of matt's shitty post)

my dick? excellent. truly fantastic. one of the best dicks of all time. literally a godlike dick

How many great toots are lost to the sands of time?

lynne is talking about computers now and i'm just like... can we go back to talking about dicks.

good morning what the fuck is happening

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