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i was gonna do a whole thing where i pwned everyone by posting more bepis movies but i don't wanna. if we have been closer than "two assholes online," pwease follow me at @normalperson

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i want to thank @muppetbutler for making the first two panels of this godawful thing and letting me make some additions to it

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imagine me scrawling a hellish equation across a college chalkboard, an entire room of eager pupils enamored with my struggle to find the perfect ratio of asses to time

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taking a break from mastodon... this site is unhealthy for me. i was typing a post then i slipped on a banana peel and my dick flew into the garbage disposal at the exact same time my hand accidentally hit the power switch

the problem with being in a restaurant full of piss, is that it makes me very horni

@realtoddhoward conner this is radical dot town, it is not the restaurant

Keep trying me during Aries Season ---- the year of my lord, Mars!!!

@realtoddhoward [muffed "ok this is epic" as ben CONTINUES to SUCK ON THE BOTTLE]

yt 2007: My sick line rider track. look at the mountains!

yt 2019: i smoke dick ama

youtube in 2007: RE: Whatever Smosh Bullshit

youtube in 2019: Looney Tunes Only Racism Edit (REDPILLED)

youtube in 2007: hey guys just thought you'd like this video i made for my community college course!!!

youtube in 2019: SJW Toddler TRIGGERED When Ben Shapiro Takes Her Bottle, Drinks Entire Thing

after seeing gay pride flags, straight pride flags and everything in between i made a flag for guys like me, guys that are only attracted to my wife of 25 years, Debra. please do not use this. I'm sure my wife would be flattered but I would not be happy

FEDI WOP: Ahh, i hope Radical.Town has gabagool! 1738!

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