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relaxing in my "woman cave" (the large mechanical womb i've created so i never have to interact with another human again)

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cis man writers, we're known to elevate and quote em
i'd prefer a world that doesn't celebrate the scrotum

- Eminem, "Woker (Woke Joker)", 2019

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ummm if anyone has a crush on me... UwU 

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i am looking through a red window at a happy couple. they look out from the rose-tinted room and see me bathed in crimson. when i look at them i merely see the silhouette of happiness through the matador's red flag. yes, i am posting a passive-aggressive comment on your couple photo on social media and i am the victim here

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i want to thank @muppetbutler for making the first two panels of this godawful thing and letting me make some additions to it

re: recent drama, "callouts" 

ok i'm not here to fuck around though

hold on i gotta find a laser plate

*billy corgan voice*
cropdusting is genocide
the genocide to cull the herd
to cull the herd is wickedness
and twump is wicked, just like me

SORA: What the... could it be...
DONALD: I can't believe it...
GOOFY: It is...
ALL, IN UNISON: Grammy nominated recording artist Jordin Sparks!!
JORDIN SPARKS: Wow, thanks guys! I'm really happy to be here

If Chucky the doll from the movies was real
He'd find a career in butchering veal
- source unknown

if chucky, the doll from the Child's Play movies, was real,
I think he'd be secretary of state

if Chucky the doll from the movies was real
He’d probably come in a happy meal
-source unknown

If Chucky the doll from the movies was real
He’d rock me momma like a wagon wheel

Pepsi: white people do be riding their thoroughbred on Fridays! White people do be taking the elevator in their house all the way to the third floor!
Honest Lunch (me): sir I need to buy some fentanyl can you please just throw a tenner from your maybach

they really did Daniel dirty... they really disrespected Mr. Sieradski, or as we called him, "Big Poppa"

did they ever catch that dude who killed OJ Simpson's wife?

YOU: an earnest dissection of media you enjoy
ME, WISE: Star Track sucks. Star War sucks. Space Gate sucks. Andromeda is pretty good. Firefly sucks and that guy is a sex pest

"on one hand i think capitalism is bad, on the other hand hnngh sjw.."

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