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relaxing in my "woman cave" (the large mechanical womb i've created so i never have to interact with another human again)

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cis man writers, we're known to elevate and quote em
i'd prefer a world that doesn't celebrate the scrotum

- Eminem, "Woker (Woke Joker)", 2019

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ummm if anyone has a crush on me... UwU Show more

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i am looking through a red window at a happy couple. they look out from the rose-tinted room and see me bathed in crimson. when i look at them i merely see the silhouette of happiness through the matador's red flag. yes, i am posting a passive-aggressive comment on your couple photo on social media and i am the victim here

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i want to thank @muppetbutler for making the first two panels of this godawful thing and letting me make some additions to it

they really did Daniel dirty... they really disrespected Mr. Sieradski, or as we called him, "Big Poppa"

did they ever catch that dude who killed OJ Simpson's wife?

YOU: an earnest dissection of media you enjoy
ME, WISE: Star Track sucks. Star War sucks. Space Gate sucks. Andromeda is pretty good. Firefly sucks and that guy is a sex pest

"on one hand i think capitalism is bad, on the other hand hnngh sjw.."

so guess im putting this on here, i just moved 3 days ago and heard some very bad news about the place im renting from, i'm in a seriously bad situation that im honestly too freaked out to repeat again so heres it explained on a gofundme i feel incredibly weird and bad about making but it is what it is.
boost if you can i'm really at my wits end.

they really did Daniel dirty... they really disrespected Mr. Sieradski, or as we called him, "Big Poppa"


the cis teen chapel? why don't you just call it spencer's gifts like everyone else

permeating the holes in the fediverse my normal account can't!!! follow me at @gayalien and boost all of my posts so i can eventually spring a patreon on you

kids nowadays need to stop playing video games and start hitting the fuckin voting booth. that's my two cents

stated intentions came into play
corner prophets do their show today
coexist in peaceful ways

my White Son has just been sacked from his job as Bean Boy at the local Popeye's franchise for simply becoming enraged any time someone tried to place an order. is there any justice in this new PC culture

*spice girls wannabe voice*
if you got a danny glover,
you better have mel gibson
a bond formed between brothers
they're Lethal Weapons

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sephiroth, to goofy: we live in a society

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