@ragingstrikes they call me The GodHand because I shitpost with one hand

@ragingstrikes i've been watching The Vow, so i know how to brainwash

so, "illuminati ass"? that's just a construct in your mind that represents fear. it's a conceit. and you have the power over that conceit. the world drives this, you just have to decide to take the reins in order to overtake these externalities

Thx for setting off firecrackers, conservative asshole!!?

Haha, I'm so tired of existence. Wish somebody would just club me to death.

I generally have a great time on anything that hasn't played host to a certain dickhead I severed from earlier this year. Which is nice.

Like, why shouldn't l be reclusive? I'm not seeing a benefit to popping my head up just so it can get smashed back down.

It seems like there isn't an escape for me from my growing misanthropy. Which is sad. I'm still gonna do my best to be nice, but I'm really just veering further into being reclusive. I just cannot put my trust in anyone.

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