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My new year's/ new decade's resolutions
- spend less time on Twitter
- read more books
- build good writing habits
- stop worrying about things i can't control
- fix the things i can control
- try to start therapy for my toxic behaviours

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Hey you!

Are you a fan of Neil Gaiman, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and/or Doctor Who? Do you like urban fantasy? Do you like stories about cool girls who kick ass?

Then you should check out my web serial, Rollerskater — currently on its second instalment with more forthcoming.

It's weird, violent and funny, and has been very well received. I hope you check it out!

(cw for graphic violence)

Why did God make me so fucking ugly man. That's a cruel joke.


slightly lewd 

lmao i think weirdos are stalking me on the birdsite now so that's fun

neg, body dysmorphia, internalised fatphobia 


"I will fight the alt-right online by posting memes with ableist depictions of people and reusing meme templates made by the alt-right." - very online leftists apparently

They say that the clit is the only organ that’s for nothing but pleasure but consider the prostate of the trans woman

'marketplace of ideas'
imagine a world where people are so hopelessly trapped inside capitalist thought processes that even the very concept of ideas must be thought of in terms of a marketplace

We all know 🍊 is lying. Even his supporters know he's a lying piece of shit. He's not the problem.

The problem is white people don't care. They don't give a fuck about common sense, a sensible economy or a stable nation.

All it takes to trigger these people into voting against themselves is a liar willing to validate their hysteria.

🍊 is a buffon, but he's enabled by the hate of white people.

That's the only thing white people care about. Even as it kills them.

@requrious Christ was also a Stand user - what do you think the Holy Spirit is

All flies are able to use Za Warudo and that's why you can never swat them

alas, poor yorick. the beloved court skeleton. he used to spook us all with his rattly bones etc. and now his head has come of and is just lying around for some reason

I went to an army recruitment event with my school as a young teenager (aged ~14-15) and while there some older boys (aged ~17-19) beat me up and when I asked a soldier for help, he just laughed at me and told me to hit them back.

Bear in mind that I was basically a kid and he did that to me.

So yeah, fuck the troops.

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Can I get a "fuck the troops" going in the chat?


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