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Hey you!

Are you a fan of Neil Gaiman, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and/or Doctor Who? Do you like urban fantasy? Do you like stories about cool girls who kick ass?

Then you should check out my web serial, Rollerskater — currently on its second instalment with more forthcoming.

It's weird, violent and funny, and has been very well received. I hope you check it out!

(cw for graphic violence)

a major plot hole in friends is how i don't like it and don't want to watch it

My greatest achievement as a teenager was uploading a video titled "AVATAR FULL MOVIE PART 1 OF 10" to YouTube the day it was released.

It was a Seinfeld clip with the characters edited to be blue and it got 40K views.

I rejected my humanity, JoJo! I turned myself into a pickle! I'm Pickle Dio!

blood, gore, JoJo 

thye call them "cell-fies" because they are a Prison, for your Mind...

makes you think.

if you got imposter syndrome, i feel bad for ya son

i got 99 problems but persistent pathological fear of being outed as a fraud due to psychological conditioning by society to doubt my self worth ain't one

what if han didn't shoot first and greedo's body just did that

With respect to everyone I think it's best if I leave Mastodon now.

The only conversations I have with anyone are regarding my mental illness and suicide. All I do is worry people and make them angry at me.

Thank you to everyone who checked in with me but I don't think it's right for me to continue acting like this on a website that is so friendly and welcoming.

I'm just too fucked in the head and too awkward and too miserable to ever integrate in this community.

So with that I'm gonna leave.

Thanks for everything. But I just don't fit here.

gonna kill myself now. thanks for everything everybody. bye

internalised ableism 

internalised ableism 

mastodon for me is kind of like being at a party where i don't know anyone and every conversation i try to have goes nowhere because nobody knows what i'm about, and i can't seem to find anyone to have a conversation with that i don't already know so i just stay quiet and sit in the corner on my phone, except i'm already on my phone so i'm not even on my phone i'm just staring at the TL and wishing I wasn't such a weird piece of shit and I actually knew how to relate to other people

being honest here, i don't think i will ever be happy.

i'm ugly, i hate myself too much to let anyone love me, and i'm grotesquely malformed in appearance to the point of cartoonishness.

my writing is absolute dreck, total fucking pulp trash, and nobody will ever read it.

i hate myself and i fully intend to commit suicide before i'm 30

School taught me that there are exclusively four Romance languages. There's actually 23-35 or so, depending on how you count.

School taught me there's exclusively five senses, but Wikipedia lists 13 or so.

Why should I be surprised when "there are exclusively two genders" turns out to be false as well?

dysphoria talk 

dysphoria talk 

Hellsite, Bernie Sanders 

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