Turns out a ton of things that have been blamed on "biological differences" between the sexes is actually all societal? Who knew!

One of the funniest things to come out of this study (and by funny I mean the horrifying toll that patriarchal society and cultural misogyny takes on women) is that men are equally as healthy living in patrilineal or matrilineal societies but women are significantly healthier living in matrilineal society vs their patrilineal counterparts.

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I can already tell this article is going to make me very angry in the comments.

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me to myself an hour ago: I bet I'm gonna get very angry in the comments

me to myself now: damn I was right

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@radicalrobit Wow, societies that systematically devalue and dehumanize women have a negative health impact on women? You don't say. 🙄 🤮 🤦‍♀️

@radicalrobit oh my lord 😂 “are we sure the types of people whom dominant societal narratives labels inferior, who then come to perceive themselves that way, aren’t actually genetically inferior?”

@mood whenever Ars covers something that isn't straight STEM these fucking reddit-tier assholes show up and start sealioning all over the place and it makes me want to scream

@mood @radicalrobit

I used to scandalize the purportedly "progressive" Boomers on that one quasi-famous board by saying shit like, "If all these differences are innate and inevitable, how come I spent my entire childhood being told over and over again by mass media that I could only do/wear/think/be particular things? Couldn't it have just happened on its own without all that?" :P

@radicalrobit you in the future with a laser gun: [melts computer]

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