police violence, drugged to death 

"People have been "calmed" to death by ketamine injections -- ones pushed by police officers and carried out by complicit paramedics. The cases reviewed by the OPC included potentially dangerous criminals like jaywalkers and disrespecters of law enforcement ("obstruction of justice"). Multiple recordings showed arrestees shot up with ketamine shortly before their hearts stopped or they ceased breathing."

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police violence, drugged to death 

@radicalrobit did you hear about the study that the local hospital in minneapolis is doing on ketamine? They just inject "agitated" people on recommendation of the cops and enroll them in the study.

police violence, drugged to death 

@radicalrobit From the star tribune:

Body camera footage from one case showed a woman, after being Maced by police, asking for an asthma pump, the draft report said.

Instead, a paramedic gave her an injection of ketamine.

“If she was having an asthma attack, giving ketamine actually helps patients and we’re doing a study for agitation anyway so I had to give her ketamine,” the unnamed paramedic told a police officer, according to the report.

police violence, drugged to death 

@Timmy fucking hell

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