@radicalrobit not a computer person but doesn’t fb have agreements with all these apps anyway and aren’t they all able to tie info together based on your log in or number or location anyway?

@data @radicalrobit Location also requires user permission, and iOS 14 is adding an option to only give a rough location to an app, not an exact one.

If you are logged in with FB in an app, then yes, that lets them track you, but there aren't that many apps where that will be the case.

Phone number is not available to apps unless you give it to them.

@data Different people could have the same login info on different services and apps already need permission to access location and phone number.

So while it will still be possible for them to track users across services/apps it will be less reliable and take more effort. And with care users can avoid being tracked.

Considering how marketers are going down from "guaranteed" to "very likely" will mean a considerable loss in how much ad money they're offered.

@Asimech yeah I think it’s a tiny difference medium term even. If I have tinder there’s no way tinder isn’t telling fb my face dimensions and number and location, I just don’t buy that. The amount of extra effort is minimal. Tinfoil time- fb griping about this is a way to make users feel safer when in fact they’re probably not.

@data This isn't about the info FB gets but the information they get which they can use to _link_ said info.
If FB and Tinder can't access the same identifying information they can't guarantee FB you and Tinder you are the same person.

While in this case FB can e.g. compare photos of you on FB and on Tinder to figure it out it's always a little less reliable and a little bit more effort than a phone ID.

And companies like FB hate putting in effort and being denied access to things.

@radicalrobit Absolute hilarious power move of Apple to introduce the IDFA so that tracking companies all start relying on it, and then going "Actually, you have to ask users nicely if you want to see it".

@radicalrobit they are fucking WARNING users about protecting their own privacy.

What the godamm fuck

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