I hope none of you nerds here use Palemoon as an alternative Firefox browser because the developer just came out against anti-racist measures and positions.

the word inverse is doing a lot of fucking work here

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@radicalrobit @JohnBrownJr "inverse bias," i.e. "reverse racism" by another name lol

Also did you catch the part where they call BLM & others part of the "opportunistic, aggressive driving forces that have the United States currently in chaos" and/or a "political or other extremist organization" and THEN claim "we do not support *nor* condemn BLM?" Yeah sure sounds like you don't condemn them pal🤦


wait til this guy finds out what banks and credit card companies do with their money on the side

unless it's just BLM he has an issue with

@SeanAloysiusOBrien "unless it's just BLM he has an issue with"

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo couldn't be

@radicalrobit they wd like to sit on the neutral gallows, to which executioner and condemned have equal rights which must not be politicised

@radicalrobit I'm starting to be suspicious about any fork of a major open source project being just because the devs weren't racist/sexist enough. This is probably a bad assumption, but these nerds keep feeding it

@Timmy this was originally just a different build for the longest time and then when firefox dropped support for all its own add-ons by dropping things like XUL palemoon became its own completely separate fork. I never gave it any thought because it sacrifices a lot of improvements in speed and security for maintaining that legacy. so just like, whatever do your own thing.

but this shit is pathetic and so absolutely transparently racist.

@Timmy To balance it out for you, @glimpse is a fork of GIMP for wholesome reasons. 🙂

@radicalrobit Waterfox seems to be better for those looking for an alternative to Firefox.

@radicalrobit "Paying BIPOC is racist, actually."

Showing that ass, call it a Palemoon.

@radicalrobit I feel like the venn diagram between FOSS bros and "people who want to say the gamer word" is a circle at this point

@radicalrobit oof, I was just talking about how I used to use palemoon back when it actually was faster on Windows. Glad I never gave him any money.

@radicalrobit I had never heard of Pale Moon before today. A good sign that this racist "neutral" is smaller and less significant than expected? I hope...

@radicalrobit Anyone seeking a new browser may want to consider Waterfox, which is just Firefox with support for the old add-ons and less of the Mozilla junk. The developers have not shown any overt awfulness that we're aware of.

you should also mention that the other popular Firefox fork called "Basilisk" is maintained by the same team of bigots.

So fuck Palemoon and fuck Basilisk.


> "without you having a say in it"
> unilaterally removes this avenue of fundraising so you can't give them money that way even if you wanted to

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