nerds getting mad over a few open source projects finally replacing the master/slave terminology for processes is the most pathetic nerd shit imaginable. changing the terms affects nothing in terms of how the software runs. It literally changes nothing but creates a slightly more welcoming environment for non-white programmers.

It's incredibly sad and frustrating seeing these assholes vociferously defending something so completely unimportant.

lmao this is literally the only argument that conservatives have. did you all know that not only is history stored in racist monuments but ALSO in racist terminology in our code? Incredible. Fucking incredible.

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[someone removes some negative terminology from a project]

a bunch of foss dudes who literally aren't even maintainers on the project: BUT THIS CHANGE DOESN'T COMPLETELY ELIMINATE RACISM THO?????????

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@radicalrobit "but muh tradition" shut up, tradition for the sake of tradition is garbage especially when it sucks on every level

@radicalrobit b-but muscle memory, how will i ever cope with having to change what i type, it's not possible and completely unreasonable to expect me, a privledged white techbro to change a few buttons that i have to press

@radicalrobit what're they changing it to? Controller/worker? In rust async programming it's usually reactor/worker but reactor also takes care of polling system IO

@restioson Several different options available

primary - secondary

leader - follower

writer - reader

Different projects have used different replacements.


melon - apple

mountain - rock

ocean - river

mammoth - mosquito

There are so many ways to describe "big" and "small"—if only people would get a little more creative. 🙄


@emptyfortress @radicalrobit Omfg. Seriously. Socket/plug has existed long before the tech industry decided to start using gendered terms instead.

They wanna talk about "tradition", their sexist/racist terms are actually just a short-term fad compared to the actually traditional terms.

@KitsuneAlicia @emptyfortress @radicalrobit Male and female plugs? What do - oh you're talking about sword and sheath plugs?

@radicalrobit if only we had tools to document code changes over time


@radicalrobit "An appeal to tradition essentially makes two assumptions that are not necessarily true." 🤷


@radicalrobit Psst. Don't tell them it's also stored in racist history books. They might get ideas about actually reading for once. 😜

@radicalrobit I mean, they're technically, agonizingly TECHNICALLY correct, just not in the way they want to be

Which is why we need to keep pushing forward and not stop or rest on our laurels

@radicalrobit May I respectfully ask you to educate me on this please ?

How renaming the git branch from master to main will make some people more welcome ?

Do we agree that renaming things in a code repo will not solve anything related to racism?

Do we agree that from one place to another, one people to another, a word can carry different feelings ?

Do you really know people who felt unwelcome to a software team b/c of some word ?

Isn't it more often because of some people behavior ?

Is there already an agreement how the default git branch should be called?

@radicalrobit what terms are being used as a better alternative?

@radicalrobit "vociferously defending something unimportant" is, unfortunately, one definition of "nerd"...

@radicalrobit I think most nerd against it doesn't act with bad faith, they simply doesn't like changes. Not everyone takes rutinary changes equal. A little of patience with them is not a bad thing.
@radicalrobit Although bad faith will be there because there are many fascist waiting any moment to undermine achieved rights.

@radicalrobit Every time I think "programming looks like it's intimidatingly difficult," I then have to remember that shit like this seems like it happens every five seconds, and I think "you know, if these people have the free time to be this terrible, it can't be that hard."

@radicalrobit just wait until you find out about the etymology of the term “master bedroom!”

@radicalrobit Just an annotation (I'm non of those nerds, but old enough to know the term in the context of drives and other peripherals).
Never, in my whole life, did it ever occur to me that these terms could have anything to do with skin color. Even in the broader context, they refer to a hierarchical structure, not to different skin colors.
So go ahead, I recommend labeling them employer and employee henceforth.

@radicalrobit I want to flip a table and yell ~are you fucking kidding me~ but I don't even feel surprised. :blobfacepalm:

@radicalrobit People defend these terms because 1) they see the original terms as neutral 2) they believe the changers are acting in bad faith. Trying to change other people's language to push a fringe political agenda will piss them off.

@radicalrobit omg I remember getting in such an internet argument with butthurt devs on I think /r/python about this. Besides evoking chattel slavery, master/slave aren't even descriptive names!

#TechTerminology #OpenBooks 

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