Holy shit

It's no wonder the U.S. wants backdoors into encryption so fucking bad. They had it once for half the world and now they want it again.

@radicalrobit CIA: "Can you imagine a world without the US being able to indiscriminately spy on other countries???"

@radicalrobit what makes you think they don't already have it and are preparing for the next 1/2 century?

@jlin @radicalrobit they would have to be very very very far ahead of current public-sector research to directly break any publicly available cryptography, if it's implemented correctly.

That said, there's good reason to believe that every commodity computer part made by a US company has an NSA backdoor in it.

@zardoz @radicalrobit crypto breaks are most likely in the nontechnical arena, like in this instance, the crypto wasn’t broken, it was just owned outright.

@jlin @radicalrobit because it had broken cryptography. Hence why you should never trust proprietary cryptography

@zardoz @radicalrobit there are easier ways to compromise modern day crypto. a sealed court order would do it easily.

@jlin @radicalrobit how does a sealed court order break AES encryption?

@radicalrobit That's OK, I planned ahead and bought us all the boxes of chex mix I could find!

@radicalrobit 'Crypto AG sold two versions of the system—one strongly encrypted for friendly governments, and one with "rigged" encryption for the rest of the world.'

Sounds about right.

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