I legit fucking hate how well this meshes with evangelion

@radicalrobit "I am known as the Kicker of Elves. I am also known as the Angel Crusher!"


this is like one of those "incredibly satisfying" videos where a bunch of things that seem unlikely just line up and organize themselves

I'm saying this video made my brain very happy lol

@tagomago took me a while to get to it because I usually check Mastodon on my commute, and it's never ok to play a video with music anywhere in public. Even with headphones, you gotta ensure that the guy sitting next to you cannot hear anything, or else you're being disrespectful.

@codewiz Yeah, that's good manners, I wish it were mandatory many times 😑...

@tagomago when I'm with foreign guests, I constantly have to remind them basic manners: keep your voice down in the train, don't put the bag on your side, don't stand in front of the door when the train arrives, don't put your shoe on the genkan step to take it off more easily...

Sometimes they get annoyed at me, because... it can't possibly be true that one needs to follow so many little social norms! Surely you're overdoing it, Bernie! 😂

@codewiz It probably is less hard than what a Japanese must experience abroad. Constant outrage! 😂

@tagomago when they see people put their shoes on a couch 😰

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