lmao this is a map for all the requests that get filled when you go to The large yellow ball in the center right? That's The Verge. Literally everything else is what the site connects to to track you and serve you ads.

I always knew they were one of the worst offenders around based on the comparison of the load times between adblocker on and adblocker off but this is still fucking ridiculous.

@micrackbiron Look at one of my other replies. That's where it's from.

@radicalrobit My browsing experience has changed dramatically since deploying Pi Hole on my network. The majority of sites I go to load much more quickly and there are huge gaps with nothing in them where ads use to intrude. It's wild how deeply invasive ads are now and how removing them enhances the overall browsing experience.

@breakfastgolem Using pi-hole combined with conventional adblockers produces the best experience.

It's especially great on my TLC TV as Roku can't deliver me any ads.

@radicalrobit this isn't a diagram, this is a late game Stellaris map

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