Me just waking up from surgery: so Doc how did it go?

Doc: we made various bug fixes and improvements

@radicalrobit that's, the most used least precise formulation for saying "stuff happened"


Pediatric cardiologist: We made your heart do a better pumpa-pumpa! No more oopsies!

@radicalrobit eww. I'd be worried if there were bugs in my body. Good thing you went to see the maintenance office and had good SLAs with them. Pheww

@radicalrobit [holds up a key to the handcuffs we put on you while you were sedated] Will you be agreeing to the new Terms of Service?

@radicalrobit It's responsible disclosure, maybe we can tell you in a few months

Absolutely disgusting 

@radicalrobit the newly improved roaches crawling back into my now wider coochie: 👍

re: Absolutely disgusting 

@dragon @radicalrobit this is a line from a nine inch nails song alice

@radicalrobit my dear, do I hate these bullshit updates that seem to always BREAK something.

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