I literally don't see any reason why we couldn't convince these people to collectively down an entire bottle of bleach by telling them it would own the libs

literally everyone: hey maybe consider using LED bulbs instead? you could save some money on your electric bill

republican: cool

le: they also kinda in a roundabout way help the environment in a small amount becau-

republican: i would rather eat my own shit

@radicalrobit i can't even tell what's happening here. there's lightbulbs and straws. what's the brown stuff.

@aflightybroad I thought it was some monstrous cookie or something but apparently upon further investigation it's a steak because something something leftists hate cows

@radicalrobit @aflightybroad ok sure and I get the straws too I guess but the lightbulbs?

@aflightybroad @radicalrobit oh, yeah I just zoomed in again I thought they were led at first

@SanfordianPhil @aflightybroad they're incandescents that use a ton of electricity because it's an old crappy design from the days of edison and apparently it's how god intended because LEDs are bad or something.

This is laura owning the libs.

@radicalrobit @SanfordianPhil incandescents are honestly not even that bad in terms of things you could do to fuck over the environment, like, it's not great, but huffing a leafblower would own me way more

@aflightybroad @SanfordianPhil the whole thing with light bulbs bothers me the most honestly because it's a huge shift in reducing electricity for literally nothing. it's one of the easiest things an individual can do (ignoring the whole it's the companies not the individuals reality of climate change, I get that) and there's absolutely no downside. LEDs cost absolutely nothing these days, they last for a decade or more, they cost pennies to run, saving you money on your electric bill.

but it's in some way shape or form better for the environment so republicans and their little fucking walnut brains have to hate them and continue to use the shitty metal wire bulbs. it's so inconsequential but at the same time, that's the reason why it pisses me off so much.

@SanfordianPhil @radicalrobit yeah leds and even the spiral ones are a massive improvement but I just.. man I find myself utterly u phased andostly just deeply confused by Owning The Libs behavior. like it's never ideal but also it's so petty that I just kind of go "uhhhh OK??? OK???" at the choices. like why make your bills higher. oh to make people mad. well that's a choice

@aflightybroad @SanfordianPhil it's the sheer unending stupidity at cutting off their nose to spite the fact. that's what gets me. it offers them no advantage, sure it helps the environment but it saves them money even if they don't care about it but won't do it because of the whole environment thing.

it's a mentality that I will never understand and it leads to such reactionary behavior and I just don't know how you deal with someone who thinks and acts like that without the solution being to throw them over the side of the grand canyon.

@aflightybroad @SanfordianPhil

Are there LEDs that have the soft warm color incandescents have? A lot of LED lights have this blueish thin light and they make me really uncomfortable, especially at night.

*edit* nevermind there must be.

A lot of the LEDs I see being used have a horrifically unsettling color to them, I am sure warm colored ones are out there though.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe They have LEDs with at least 3-5 different color temperatures. Some can even switch between them. There's absolutely no excuse to not have LEDs in this day and age.

@radicalrobit @SanfordianPhil @Alonealastalovedalongthe I've got color changing ones so I just set em to a warmer color and go but there's gotta be ones that default to that too so yeah

@radicalrobit @SanfordianPhil

Like I think its great that lots of streetlights near me are getting changed to LEDs but late at night the thin strange blue light they put out is so jarring.

@radicalrobit i have never felt so owned in my life. im such a leftist that i cant even recognize a thin pitiful steak shot at a weird angle so it kind of looks like flattened shit.

@aflightybroad it's probably a well done steak too because republicans think liberals were triggered by trump eating shitty meat

@starwall I hope she huffs on the exhaust pipe of her car to own the libs next, that'd be rad

@starwall maybe she'll drink an entire gallon of lead paint, I know I'd never recover from that. perhaps we should give her some asbestos cigarettes. I don't think I'd be able to show my face in public again if she smoked a pack of those every day.

@radicalrobit It's called Miracle Mineral Supplement thank you very much

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