@amsomniac @denikombucha
there is no "scandinavian model of socialism". that's something americans made up.


@anarchiv They're just talking about SocDem which is just capitalism with a strong social safety net. Lots of "progressive" Dems here in the U.S. refer to it as the Scandinavian model because capitalism with a strong social safety net is already what they do and they can't envision a world without capitalism.

They're New Deal Democrats basically.

@anarchiv I swear I read your whole post and yet I somehow missed the second part. Fuck I think I just reply guyd you.

@radicalrobit lmao nevermind I know you didn't mean to. plus I'm happy you elaborated on my points

@radicalrobit I might be pissed if we didn't know each other but it's all good

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