@radicalrobit I'm sorry but I couldn't keep it to myself


@pig I am legitimately so fucking angry right now. If I didn't have better control over my own faculties I'd punch right through one of my fucking monitors.

@pig This is to say, I do not have an anger issue...BUT IF I DID

@radicalrobit it's super fucked up, I don't get it. it links to a bunch of other posts, but you have to get through about 6 of them before anyone mentions "wage stagnation" and such

@pig I just assume all these article headlines are written by some jackass with an EcOnOmIcS dEgReE from Georgetown or University of Chicago or some stupid shit where it's the fault of millennial employees for what our boomer bosses do to us

@pig I can't imagine someone looking more like the ideal economics business dipshit than this fuckwit right here, it's unreal

@anna @radicalrobit I'm going to stuff austin's head in a toilet and call it a tedx talk

@anna @pig @radicalrobit maybe it's like dwarf fortress where the x stands for damaged

Adulting .... Is it a kind of sexual fetish when you dont act like a jerk ??

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