Thank god the entire industry hasn't decided to revolve around Blink/Chromium for 95% of the web's browser traffic, or else Google would have an unlimited ability to push forward whatever bullshit standard they wanted.

Wait hold on, my producer is telling me something [places finger on my ear piece]

Oh no.

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@radicalrobit oh good, not enough of the internet has been ruined by amp yet

@radicalrobit I wonder what @Tutanota thinks about this and if it can be blocked.

🤔 🤓

We consider AMP an attempt by Google to take control over the web. Now they want to control your inbox too. Email is not an app platform or ad platform, it is a communication medium. We have no plans currently to support this and it means that you will receive just normal emails as usual. The best way to stop email from being colonized by Google is to use privacy-conscious alternatives and tell others to do the same. 😉


@Tutanota @radicalrobit @jrswab @koyu

I agree. Google has injected itself into the delivery model. Guess why.

@Tutanota @jrswab @radicalrobit

The problem is four fold:

1. Part of the problem is psychological. It's weird to see an email address that *isn't* either a corporate or a Gmail account.
2. It's not just Gmail that needs to be replicated it's Google Docs and Voice.
3. Rock solid migration tools (to and from) any given alternative are a must.
4. There need to be selling points other than "privacy" which is (sadly) invisible to the end user.

@Tutanota @jrswab @radicalrobit

Even as a loyal ProtonMail user I have mad respect for this approach. Thanks for being one of the good ones!

@jrswab @radicalrobit We've just published a more elaborate comment on why AMP for emails is bad:

Thanks for asking! 👍

@Tutanota @jrswab @radicalrobit Oooh! I like this quote:

"Google's excuse is that the mobile web is too slow and because of that we need a special Google-designed web: AMP. But that's just like someone selling bottled water saying that you need the bottles because your tap water runs too slowly."

@Tutanota @jrswab @radicalrobit And another good one!

"Google now claims that because emails are static, they are bad. But the opposite it true: Only because emails are static, they can function as a replacement of a letter - even in a legal sense. Making it dynamic would destroy this benefit of emails."

@Tutanota @jrswab @radicalrobit There has long existed open standards for scheduling an appointment and RSVPing to an event via eMail. And I thought GMail supported those standards.

That has already been long solved!

Well that's sad. I really like Outlook, better than Gmail. 🙁

Glad I've already started migrating my email activities to my domain.

Still..... *sigh* 😶

#technology #emails

@radicalrobit time to jump ship to something old and shitty enough it won't add this

@woomy pretty soon your BBS client will be supporting AMP. Your usenet newsgroups? AMP. Your mIRC client? Also AMP.

@radicalrobit if the webmail client i use tries to support this i will

i don't know what i'll do but i'll be mad about it

@aflightybroad Gmail,, Yahoo and will all support it.

@radicalrobit i've been hopping between edison as an app and protonmail and rainloop on ~the web~ while migrating off gmail so like: none of these are those, but ALSO, i'm worried they'll follow the leaders, you know, bc everyone else is.

@aflightybroad I doubt very much protonmail or any other privacy oriented email providers will support AMP. Especially since every listed reason in the article is for ad tracking.

I don't know what AMP is, but this looks unsafe.

@radicalrobit This is a mistake from the 1990s. Nobody actually needs "rich interactivity" in their emails. Such stuff is really just a guise to get malware onto your system and do more spying/advertising via off-site links.

@bob @radicalrobit Well, probably also people wanting to build their "unique corporate identity" or whatever with needless graphic design that just fucks with readability and bloats emails.

@grainloom @bob @radicalrobit how does that make sense, when the AMP "standard" is constantly shifting, and has exactly one implementation to "test" against?

@riking @radicalrobit Google is in the final stages of extend-extinguish for email. Probably a very high percentage of Android users are on gmail. At some point they'll declare that they are no longer compatible with "insecure" email protocols and that will be the breaking change.


@bob @radicalrobit there is an opt out, but it's account-wide - nothing like "never show AMP dynamic stuff from this sender"
@bob @radicalrobit Honestly for rich media, PostScript emails had the right idea but all of one platform adopted them and they were thrown into the trash the moment that platform was scrapped.

@radicalrobit I know the implication is "fast as lightning" but I cant help but think the header image there is appropriate as AMP email brings the end times

@radicalrobit Interactive elements embedded into emails - i can't see anything possibly going wrong

@radicalrobit please @protonmail, tell me you won't add support for this to your services 😱

@radicalrobit OH is AMP that thing that makes it impossible for me to copy links while im looking shit up on mobile


Here's an animation they made to demo the feature. Look at this shit!

That is an animation of an app running inside an email, where the user clicks to respond to a comment thread, to say "yes that's correct"

... INSTEAD OF JUST REPLYING TO THE EMAIL to say "yes, that's correct". 😡 And this is the example they picked to make the feature look good??

The whole computer industry needs to be sent back to 1999 and forced to do the last 20 years over again.

@radicalrobit It's bloatware for the web and now in email as well.
I never used gmail so it does not directly affect me. HTML/AMP whatever emails without proper plain text will just be ignored.

@radicalrobit the only thing that email should support besides plain text is markdown. not HTML and especially not AMP

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