that bible test game by the way was literally on my steam front page because it has "adventure" as a tag lmao

what a libertarian algorithmic hell hole steam has become

@radicalrobit wow this quiz covers all 90 things that you can know about the bible, well worth the price of roughly $2 per question

@pisscotheque oddly enough if you do pass the test you're just sent straight to hell

@radicalrobit i'm honestly really mad i didn't come up with the idea first

@radicalrobit "I wonder why some developers are moving to the Epic Games Store"

@radicalrobit but the bundle is only 2.40...

think of all the questions this will raise!


I have so many questions.

For starters, why is "test" in scare quotes? Why is it cheaper when you buy it in a bundle full of porn? Why is there a bible game in a bundle full of porn? What in the name of sanity is this achievement list?!

@ThreeLetterMax lmfao I never even went to check the achievements. amazing.

@ThreeLetterMax @radicalrobit not gonna lie i am strongly tempted to find out, it’s just that i’m also strongly concerned about the idea of running this executable on a computer i own and/or am looking at with my eyes at the time

@radicalrobit oddly feel like this also says a lot about conservative Christianity...

@whiskeysailor FIRST_UKRAINIAN is 100% a fucking nationalist. with a name like that I have no doubt. probably even a trad cath or something.

@BraixenIRL @radicalrobit I mean, I got that, it's just that it was a weird name

Wound up buying it anyways and then proceeding to write a well-thought out critique of its lack of secure passwords for a bit

@radicalrobit if you buy this $200 game in a bundle it costs $18 less than buying it on its own so purchasing a bunch of sketchy hentai games is a GREAT deal cuz the bundle is only $2!!!

@kirstyyarr it's being bundled with hentai casino so idk what this is lol

@radicalrobit I think at this point you have to buy it and find out


Just my luck! I spend $200 on BibleTest and it goes on sale the next day! 😉

@radicalrobit I'm guessing it's a "Test" to see how much money can be duped out of dedicated Christians who are desperate to throw money at anything. Either that or possibly some money laundering thing, a front end payment processor for "services rendered"?

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