okay first day (night?) at amazon and i shit you not i was given monopoly money with jeff bezos' face on it as a reward for staying a bit late

It's like the bullshit that happens in a club on New Years Eve, except you're stone sober and surrounded by boss-cops.

@radicalrobit @johnrandom "swag bucks" no that's scrip, they have a company store, wtf


@nuttgodd @radicalrobit @johnrandom honestly you've got to stop thinking for even one second that something could be too cartoonishly villainous to be real

@radicalrobit @johnrandom this is why i don't have a job. there's a "hostile takeover vulture capital best practices crew" that thinks this shit needs to be replicated in every single businessplace on earth.

@radicalrobit @johnrandom back in 2009 i used to use swagbucks which is like a search engine that randomly pays you a fraction of ad revenue they get (they do 1-2% cashback on certain online shops too, stuff like that)

anyway i redeemed a few hundred dollars' worth of amazon gift certificates with the swagbucks i earned over the years, which is somehow a better deal than the "swag bucks" that actual amazon employees get, huh

@radicalrobit @johnrandom What's the conversion rate from Bezos Bucks to Stanley Nickels? 😛

But actually, though. That's super terrible 😕

@radicalrobit @johnrandom you know what would pump me up more? CASH. Cheddar on the nachos, Mula, greenbacks.

@whiskeysailor how about some more scrip? would ya like some more scrip?

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