Say what you will about Edge, I've very rarely seen any criticism about it that wasn't completely valid but it's one of the few non-chromium rendering engines and the chakra engine was open sourced a couple of years ago.

Another browser once again moving to Blink/Chromium is uhhhh bad and web monoculture is garbage

And while Chakra was open sourced under ChakraCore I have no idea how good the rendering engine even is but I do know there isn't a single third party browser out there using it as its base rendering engine.

If MS is indeed abandoning Edge basically every web browser will be powered by Blink and Mozilla/Gecko will stand alone because I doubt anyone cares to use ChakraCore when they just could slap their branding on a browser running on Blink.

@radicalrobit This is scary. Now Gecko/Servo is the only non-Blink rendering engine left standing, correct?

@NightRose I was about to say Opera is still around but apparently after they got bought out and half the company left they too switched to Blink so yeah that's basically it.

I guess *technically* speaking since Google forked Webkit to create Blink we have Gecko, Webkit and Blink but let's be honest there's barely any difference between Webkit and Blink even years later. It was just a control move on Google's part.

@radicalrobit I mean, at least all three are open source now...

@NightRose they're all dead but at least they're transparently dead! lmao

@radicalrobit dead as in no contributors, or dead as in no real innovation?

@NightRose dead as in nobody is going to use chakracore and I'm not even aware of anybody using the old opera browser which is certainly not being worked on.

@radicalrobit ah, got it. I guess I was talking about WebKit, Blink & Gecko/Servo all Open Source unlike Trident was in the old days.

@NightRose Right I thought you were talking about how at least these dead browsers have open sourced themselves before dying.

@NightRose I actually stand by the fact that EdgeHTML and Chakra were doing some unique things from a security standpoint. You actually virtualize the entire browser without having to use a full VM but it was completely isolated from the kernel and everything.

There isn't a single other browser that is capable of doing that.

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