@radicalrobit this should generate tremendous amounts of static so it fries you like a chicken tendie

@nuttgodd that or it fries every piece of gaming equipment you own so you have to buy them all over again.

pretty smart actually. i bet they're funded by all those peripheral companies out there.

@radicalrobit FINALLY a solution for that dreaded disease known as Gamer Ass

@radicalrobit lacks both cat ears and programmable LEDs, but a good solution to "I don't want to turn on the heat."

@_ampersand it's got slots in the hood so you can just use the cat ear headphones you already undoubtedly own

@radicalrobit is that zipper in the back for poops or am i confused

i hate it but i kinda want it for stardew valley

@photophoregirl a gimp suit would never be thoughtful enough to give you a way to poop and pee without having to spend 45 minutes taking off the outfit

@radicalrobit "gamers dying by the dozens after firmware vulnerability cripples the shit flap, trapping people inside with their dooks"

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