dumb lewd joke 

People ask me all the time "hey radical, I know you produce a lot of nut milk but where do you store it?" Well that's simple lads, just get yourself a nut milk bag like I did.

dumb lewd joke (cont.) 

"But radical" you might say "I don't think you understand, I produce a LOT of nut milk" well you fine folks out there, I've got you all covered as well. If you make a truly prodigious amount of nut milk then you need to get yourself a Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag

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dumb lewd joke (final.) 

"But what do I do once I've got all my nut milk stored" god damn you ask a lot of questions don't you? Well I can answer that for you as well. For 3 easy payments of 29.95 I'll sell you a book full of Ten (that's right 10!) recipes you can use with your very own nut milk bag.

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@Quixote171 tell ya what, mufo discount, I'll sell ya the nut milk bag recipe book for only 50 bucks

There's a... A whole book? Of course there's a whole book. What's your favorite nut milk bag recipe?

@Quixote171 my favorite one is the picture of just a glass of but milk next to some nuts. Definitely the easiest recipe as far as prep work goes lol


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