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was cleaning out my protonmail inbox and came across the email from twitter that showed why I was banned and I forgot how funny it was

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Inspired by the likes of @kioskwitch and @evan here is Robit's thread of Rad scenes and moments that I enjoyed.

Some of this stuff consists of cinematic masterpieces while others are cheesy schlock and hokum but it is all nonetheless, shit I loved watching.

To start off, here's one of the best scenes from Sicario and the way they play with the shadows to make all the troops disappear beneath the horizon is just fucking fantastic.

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After I've had my morning Tide® Pod I like to wash it down with a big helping of Tide® Juice. Mmm mmm.

Tide® Juice
It Burns Going Down™


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I couldn't remember harlan hill's name so I searched for "fox news piss boy" on google and this is literally the first result I got lmao

I bring it in, explain what the problem was, drop the car off and go get lunch and wander around for a bit, then come back to pick up the car; I ask them what they did to fix it and they said “we cut off the torn part and screwed it to the frame again, that’ll be $60”

here is a story about car repair and expertise

on Saturday night I was driving home after a gig when something bounced off the underside of my car, it didn’t concern me until I got off the highway near home and I could hear this horrid scraping, rattling noise coming from near the engine; I carefully drove home and parked it and canceled my Sunday morning practice because I was worried the brakes or the muffler were fucked up and all the car places are closed

If paying for a service means the person giving the service is degraded and a victim of violence, we need to have a long and involved talk about all labor on earth

Starting a rumor that lead in the water is good actually to get people to quit drinking bottled water. The liberals are LYING to you!!

I honestly don't care about anything that happens on any other social network, who cares about Twitter, I don't give a shit about Tumblr drama, please do not make me look at it


All four reservoirs that supply the #Indian city of Chennai, known as the Detroit of South Asia for its automobile industry, have run dry this summer, largely because of poor monsoon rains last year.

Food mention 

Food mention 

proposing the "Silver Spoon Test", a metric that measures how many sentences an article about how a young person got out of american debt hell goes on before mentioning that they inherited money or property from their family. a bonus of -10 is applied if the article contains the phrase "if we could do it, anybody can"

Many people aren't award of this but Nuremberg is actually also a verb. As in, let's go nuremberg a bunch of nazis.

Oh yeah the other day I tried to show my grandpa rdr2 and that I’m a cool cowboy and tried to rob a guy for his horse but it ran away and I chased it for minutes, got it, then it kicked me and ran away how embarrassing

coincidental the difference between these two numbers is the same ratio as my bad posts to my good posts

things i'd like to see destroyed:
> banks
> borders
> the us government
> white supremacy
> transphobia as an institution and also terfs in general why not
> misogyny
> student debt and privatized education overall
> privatized healthcare and medical debt
> i wanna say prisons but let's keep the rapists and throw in politicians and ice agents bc fuck them

I'm going to use a VG Cats avatar in 2019

it is important that you show up for jury booty, to guarantee the right of every person to a trial by booty

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