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the shortest lived arby's franchise was the one run by Schrödinger because he never revealed to the customers whether they had the meats or didn't have the meats until they ordered their meal

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After I've had my morning Tide® Pod I like to wash it down with a big helping of Tide® Juice. Mmm mmm.

Tide® Juice
It Burns Going Down™


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I couldn't remember harlan hill's name so I searched for "fox news piss boy" on google and this is literally the first result I got lmao

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So a couple of weeks ago I commissioned the very talented @extinct for something I've had in my head for a while now and boy did they ever deliver. Folks, they did a fucking fantastic job.

Without further ado may I introduce to you Mother Jones getting fed up with Kevin Drum's poor hating, anti-leftist bullshit and just absolutely laying his stupid ass out. For my followers that still have twitter accounts by all means post this at Drum as often as possible please.

found an old chatlog from 11 years ago and saw i'd sent someone a link to something on youtube. so i clicked on it to see if the link was still working 11 years later. anyway turns out i just rickrolled myself 11 years in the future

Whenever you watch the news and you see two world leaders talking to each other but there's no audio of what they're saying, they are talking about anime.

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You may have heard claims that a product from my professional mastodon range, Healyn Juice™, tested highly for jorts horse urine. I just want to reassure my customers that this is a baseless attack, thoroughly without foundation. Our delicious and invigorating Healyn Juice™ goes through an extensive testing process. I will be taking no further questions at this time.

Drama went down in one of my gardening Facebook groups today: some eejit dug up a plant from the wild and stuck it in his garden then posted to the group asking for an ID. Cue a massive rammy between people who are not happy about people pulling up whole plants from their natural habitat and OP cackling ‘ahaha, I’ve been stealing plants for 20 years and I’ll do it again!’ like some shite plant supervillain

I don't think I've ever hated Feinstein more than in this moment. What a fucker.

Dianne Feinstein Is Not Happy With Kids Asking Her to Vote for the Green New Deal

had a dream I went to go hang out at my friend's place but when I walked up to the front door I stuck my hand in the mailbox, took out some mail that was sent to me, then just left

@violet @ben @lynnesbian it can't be going that great, since all Google thinks it is is this clickbait site that claims to have proof that God doesn't exist

we live in a society
we laugh in a society
we love in a society

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99% of teens listen to crap like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Copy and paste this if you still listen to real posters like Bepis bot or Knzk Obama

extracting the audio files of the left 4 dead characters shouting "BOOMER" and playing it whenever anyone one second older than me has opinions

3am toots are self-care and definitely not something else

going 2 IKEA gonna get some ice-cream. hopefully it's not too hard to put together..

men love to watch tv shows called 'inside the world's most BRUTAL prison' where a 7 foot man called Tiny tells you about the time he murdered someone with a toothbrush, and say 'damn dude, that's gnarly'

If you have infosec enthusiast in your profile I just assume this means you like lecturing people on password strength while having a house full of web connected appliances with outdated firmware

love faving bot posts as if they feel some kind of validation from it

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