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@Absolutely_Blakely This is less specifically about MLK and more civil rights in general but there is a folder devoted to MLK.!Aj62m7WJFAiPnqRTua

Several years ago a black activist on Twitter posted an archive that they had collected with information for black history month. They mentioned how they had to pay for the storage to keep the archive up and as long as they had the money for it they would continue to do so. For whatever reason I felt compelled to make a backup of all the files in case the original ever went down. Well I'm not on Twitter anymore obviously so the use case of a backup probably isn't useful anymore but I still have all the files.

There's PDFs of books, there are reports, videos and even speeches located in this archive. If anyone remembers who I'm talking about with regards to who made this collection please by all means let me know. Until then feel free to peruse through all these files. I had almost forgotten I had a copy of them.

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Excuse me, sirs, please stop gesturing at the marine life and step away.

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I just received a spam email that included the sentence "I want to meet a partner for some sparkling nighttimes of disorder" and now I've realized that's all anybody could ever really want.

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was cleaning out my protonmail inbox and came across the email from twitter that showed why I was banned and I forgot how funny it was

✨ 🇩🇪 you have been visited by the stripy flag of unsolicited computer advice.

fast boot times and affordable software will come to you, but only if you type:

𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙃𝙖𝙣𝙨, 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙘𝙤𝙤𝙡!

breonna taylor decisions 

probably an especially good time to give attention to louisville bail funds

thinking about the time new york times offices had a bedbug infestation, someone tweeted the bedbugs are a metaphor for noted genocide-apologist and dipshit brett stephens, and brett stephens emailed their provost to try and have them fired, with the result the original tweet went viral and stephens eventually deleted his account after being called a bedbug by a million people

i know i have been on here too long because i am always in disbelief when i run into people in other parts of the internet who really believe communism is bad

oh god

theyre making new Beast Wars figures

the only transformers i ever cared about

stories say that after edward teach got fired from mozilla for donating money to some homophobic 'defense of marriage act' campaign, he was marooned on a deserted island for seven years

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fossbros: this software is free to use by anyone :)

me: so how do you use it

fossbros: got o hell


I guess the "McCain family" endorsed Biden and a lib on Facebook is celebrating. I want to ask him what one thing McCain did that he thinks is good. Beyond some vague "he was bipartisan" 🤮 sentiment

“AF: Threats of violence and abuse would seem to take these “anti-intellectual times” to an extreme. What do you have to say about violent or abusive language used online against people like JK Rowling?

JB: I am against online abuse of all kinds. I confess to being perplexed by the fact that you point out the abuse levelled against JK Rowling, but you do not cite the abuse against trans people and their allies that happens online and in person.”

lmao gettem JB

Wish I had kept a list of all the Starmer fanatics I’ve interacted with just to @ them with that picture.


are they

are they advertising that you can make your own T-1000 at home?

Imagine hearing about the 1776 Commission and still thinking that Trump isn't a full blown fascist. I mean how many more people need to be abducted into unmarked vans by federal police for you to understand this?

We can only wear a single earbud at work and it has to go up our backs, i got tangled up in the bathroom and basically garrotted myself standing up.

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