working as a line cook for 8 hour days makes my feet hurt

Would like to remind everyone of something I posted before

that not every revolutionary act is on the street pushing the police

it includes just checking up on your neighbors, being kind, keeping an eye on people, meeting with each other and sharing issues, making neighborhood meetings, sharing supplies.

People WANT to be friendly and neighborly, but someone has to break through that barrier, make it you

new phone has 120hz screen so I can do competitive fediverse scrolling

hey I'm about to go live on twitch on like 5-10 minutes playing drums and i will be donating anything i get to a BLM-focised charity of my choosing. probably something like Bail Funds or SURJ, but i haven't decided yet.

@Violet And not just any games! Among them:

- Night in the Woods
- A Short Hike
- Minit
- One Shot
- Oxenfree
- Super Hexagon
- Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
- Bleed
- Bleed 2
- The King's Bird
- Glittermitten grove (aka Frog Fractions 2!)

Any of those makes the bundle price worth it already. 👌

Get in on this heat.

Remix by my homie sonnig991, all proceeds go to bail funds and orgs for protesters

Boost please

The labor party has "investigated" at least 25 of its own Jewish party members for antisemitism

I do have object permanence. Just FYI. Like, peekaboo literally bores me.

putting a list together of stuff that i should have learned in high school, but if it had been taught, any one of my high school history teachers would have been fired the next day just for teaching it, even if they only used government documents as source material:

-assassination of Fred Hampton
-1921 Tulsa massacre
-MOVE bombing
-FBI letter to MLK telling him to kill himself

im gonna end up making like $400 this week

Feels abt right cause my legs hurt and I can now remember all of the recipes I have to make by heart

This is a techbro, Silicon Valley, fascist transhumanist, and Less Wrong/“”rationalist”” hateblog. If I’m ever too charitable toward the architects and engineers of digital white supremacy, let me know so I can correctly hate them even more.

What Dr. King organized wasn't "nonviolence" in the way that people want to mean. Think of those actions as Human Wave attacks, designed to deliberately provoke violence. Sending civilians into the teeth of the enemy to be mowed down, like unarmed soldiers whose job is to march over a minefield or Russians without rifles running at German guns. It's a dangerous but effective tactic of modern asymmetrical warfare that involves incredible sacrifice.

Unless you're willing to do that yourself, stop asking it of others.

getting my new phone

alert I found a cheap galaxy s20 ultra on ebay so expect a lot of photos for a while cause I'm excited

post-police stuff 

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