when I get my oneplus 8 pro I am going to start making peertube videos (I might mirror them on youtube) about anything from cooking to politics to tech stuff so follow me here if ur interested and want to see announcements

made a pizza with white truffle infused olive oil, modjool dates, prosciutto, fresh garlic and homemade ricotta & mozzarella.

I got 99 problems, and, well, they are all NAT traversal

tbh this is such a good post bc it gives me an excuse to go through people's profiles and boost a lot of their posts without feeling weird abt scrolling through their profile for half an hour

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Facemasks have been a godsend for those of us with face dysphoria.

Facemasks have been a godsend for those of us with face dysphoria.

lmao one of the american fucks in that shitty coup attempt pissed himself while handcuffed lying down on an incline so the piss got in his face

Today China said that as soon as they find the vaccine that they will release it to the whole planet as a public good, for free.

The westerners can't have this, so they will do whatever they can to stop it:
1) they will claim the vaccine is a threat to the national security of any country that allows China to help because it is substandard, poisonous, infected with a new virus that will spy on people.
2) they will claim that China is only releasing the vaccine to make up for "infecting everyone" as a propaganda effort.
3) they will ban it from entering the countries of their allies that desperately need it, like Haiti, Guatemala, Burma, India, etc.
4) they will start a new propaganda campaign to brainwash people into hating China for trying to do good.

Things that are still good cold


Chinese food

Ice cold cum

Fuck Joe Rogan for all of his shitty opinions but especially fuck him for setting the precedent of app exclusive podcasts by moving to Spotify only

the red pill is and always has been a metaphor for transition

yes i’m boosting my post from five minutes ago but it’s only because you ingrates didn’t appreciate it enough

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