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cant remember if i asked yall to call me eden yet

Trans Pride has been the most incredible time. I got to meet new people, spend time with loves I've met before, and see my darling @queerchangeling in person for the first time ever, but definitely not the last. I love this community so fucking much. Thank you to everybody. 💖

i can't tell if this is a genuinely informative post or a shitpost and that's great

god why did Pat cut the best songs from his demo releases for albums?? no future and anarchy of dirt just got vanished lmao

we're just kids building models of a world that we might want to live in

for international nonbinary day don't call me a fucking enby

bad joke about niche kink 

lyrics, hanging 

or just fucking me i got enough relationships on my plate rn


mario, death, cum 

bad joke about niche kink 

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