I have successfully infiltrated the secret sex-haver lair and learned all their secrets

flying out in <24 hrs, very excited to be going back to school

got some interesting classes this semester, and ofc I will see my roommates and partner :3 so good times to be had

\*blows on your dick, inflating it and making it big and round*

now let's say, hypothetically, that your bussy was "tired". now let's assume that you did not have intensive gay sex with me today. shall we therefore infer that you have a bad dragon dildo, the only thing that can make bussies 'tired'?

fuck fedex, all I want is for my fucking covid test to be delivered so i can come back to school but noooo my fucking PRIORITY MAIL shipment sits at the fucking loading dock for TWO FUCKING DAYS and misses TWO CUTOFFS even though i dropped it off at fucking NOON the day before it was supposed to be delivered

IPv6? We're onto our sixth version of pissing?! Techbros are wild

re: discourse

yes I do have a piss fetish, but not like a serious one

shoutout to that 4chan post about the guy who found out he was diabetic from trying to indulge in a piss fetish


Missing my friend. I don’t know who needs to hear this but: please please please please please please please never do fentanyl.

why can't I stick my dick in parler's usb ports yet, their hosting service is still "reviewing" the pictures I sent them of my cock and balls

all of y'all on this fucking platform are fbi agents and you can't convince me otherwise

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