You know it's getting late when you try to explain a bit of code you wrote to your CS partner and there's just silence for 30 seconds and they say "I think we should call it a night"

wow I really was going to invest ~5 minutes into remaking the Nirvana album Nevermind's album cover have a picture of balls and then title it in impact font "Smells like fresh balls"

lets see if I can play a game of CS:GO without hearing the N word


Also like, how do you know your tests are working properly? Do you write tests to test the tests? Then what about *those* tests? How do you test your test testing tests?

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@heyitme yeah like from the Latin “quis JUnit ipsos JUnitem”, who JUnits the JUnit

What if your rice cooker was spring loaded like a toaster

did you know that if you put your hand in your partners mouth and ass at the same time and then squeeze together, their bellybutton will grow like Pinocchio's nose

the best gender neutral bathroom is your pants

roommate don't read this 


why the fuck did you read this

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