@DrSmood & @TomCatBakery have spent more trying to silence the demands of workers than they would have on the severances they ask for.

That thing where your mattress slowly inches forward throughout the night so your pillows get stuck between the bed and the wall and my neck hurts.

I introduced my assistant at work to the Pet Shop Boys and now he’s obsessed.

My manager got fired yesterday and he’s the only one at my workplace who believed in me so I’ve been spamming the fuck out of my resume through a foggy hangover I got on his behalf.

Getting a cortisone shot is uncomfortable, the 4 hours that follow it are fucking agonizing.

A fairly recent hire at my work whom I’ve chatted with approximately 3 times jokingly introduced me to some high level corporate person as his “wife” and then I pretty much blacked out.
It was super uncomfortable.
What can I do? We share a workspace and our desks are nearby.

My partner has a norovirus and I have insomnia.

:archer_I:​​:archer_T:​ ​:archer_W:​​:archer_O:​​:archer_U:​​:archer_L:​​:archer_D:​ ​:archer_B:​​:archer_E:​ ​:archer_R:​​:archer_E:​​:archer_A:​​:archer_L:​ ​:archer_C:​​:archer_O:​​:archer_O:​​:archer_L:​ ​:archer_I:​​:archer_F:​ ​:archer_I:​ ​:archer_C:​​:archer_O:​​:archer_U:​​:archer_L:​​:archer_D:​ ​:archer_S:​​:archer_L:​​:archer_E:​​:archer_E:​​:archer_P:

Groundhog Day is on a palindromic date during a leap year but all the koalas are still dead.

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