Hey maybe the person you just accused of not being body positive is suffering from body dysmorphia and self-harm jus sayin

I’m gonna start a patreon where $5 donors get to Skype w me and just talk mad shit abt everyone you can’t stand @ work.

Post dim sum food coma.
I love all the dumplings. I do.
Shumai? Will eat.
Pork bun? Yes please.
Pierogi? Yum.
Samosa? Get in my face.
Ravioli? Gimme.

Any other dumplings I should know about? I have no dietary restrictions and an adventurous palate.

*don't stop believin intro plays* 🎶 🎶
ahem 🎤 :blobcat:
just a tiny cat 🎵
very good to pet and pat 🎵

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