Catman’s job of the day: manager of a dispensary that specializes in infused jerky. He thinks you should try the venison. Catman is not vegan.

Catman’s job of the day: professional baby. He’s really at the top of his field here.

Catman’s job of the day: food reviewer for the Michelin guide, truly dismayed at the portion sizes & prices at trendy Manhattan dim sum establishment. All of his favorite NYC restaurants are in Queens.

Catman’s job of the day: music editor at Vox media. Organizing member of the writer’s union. Will DEFINITELY march on the boss if he has to hear “Old Town Road” even ONE more time. Fun fact: his ear tufts give him a wider range of audio frequencies.

I’m at a motel 6 in Albany and I’m going to record a noise album in here tomorrow on a shitty old tascam 4 track and cannot think of a more appropriate setting. Stoked

Catman’s job of the day: bartender who does not care if you were in middle school orchestra with the opening band’s drummer, you still have to pay full price for that bud light. He also thinks your beer choice is trash. He’s not wrong.

Radical temperature changes + 90% humidity + nerve damage to the cervical spine got my hands like... 🦖

Catman’s job of the day: art therapist who uses low rumbling tones as his medium of choice since he can’t hold a pen without opposable thumbs. Accepts most major insurance plans.

I’m turning 40 at the end of this month and I’m going to use this as an opportunity to stop putting up with bullshit until I die.

Catman’s job of the day: pro-labor advice columnist. He doesn’t think anybody with menstrual cramps should have to go to work, and has a side hustle as a very soft and purring heat source.

Anyone who has been shitty to you has been shitty to at least five other people that you know in common.
If at all possible, cross-reference the shitty behavior, then gently ignore the fuck out of the shitty person.
This may not be possible in work settings, of course. In that case, keep your head down and update your resume.

Catman’s job of the day: AOC’s summer intern. He’s in awe, despite his general distrust of electoral politics.


Someone please give me a decent job outside of New York I have the sad

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