An interesting development since I last posted, randomly (which was not actually random at all) become pagan.

Subtoot but silly 

Lol 30 hr work week more like abolish work my dude

Seriously, I'm union now, and I'm gonna rave about it for a while. I didn't realize that was even an option for freelancers and now I'm super emotional over it

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the united states gov't actively runs as though it owns literally the entire planet and perhaps beyond, which might be slightly amusing if it wasn't absolutely horrifying


Found a new shop that buys mostly organic, local, and from co-ops, and was cheap enough that we bought 2 weeks of necessities in groceries for under $100. Almost surreal.

Not a proponent of green capitalism as anarchist praxis, but needless to say we will be returning.

Got to talk with some Old Gays today over dinner and, dang, that was wild. There's a whole different vibe you get from queer people in their 70s who remembers where they were during the Stonewall riots and queer folk like myself who live in a world that, while certainly not totally accepting, is a hell of a lot further along than it was in 1970.

That conversation was a magical experience.


Practice self-care. Drink some rum. Steal a boat. Pillage local navy vessels. Send the rich to Davy Jones. Create unusually well organized stateless, anticapitalist island societies.

Take care of yourself and be a pirate.

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