Idk what this is 

Who knows? Not me, weve never posted cringe

diagnosed with an excess of sanguine humors

@SunSaint doing way too much acid and ending up between the two on the path to purgatory (fyre festival)

and you call it steamed gender despite the fact that it is obviously grilled

what ever happened to piss dot restaurant anyways

witcher3 posting 

@fr33l0 play that shit again but louder thatll solve the problem

Wait was i supposed to be encouraging or dsicouraging this

@fr33l0 i am also now playing it. Thinking i might need a different approach

@chillallmen i wanna take ya home but your friends wont let ya

I got a 40 in mu ford fiesta

if u were an indie soft boy in 2015 ur a folk punk trans girl now

this is a support account for recovering scene kids. remember, you dont have to listen to that hollywood undead song to get it out of your head. just let it go

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