i dont understand juggalos but i support their lifestyle

@ItsMorgan just gonna remind everyone that the iww recognizes the jjuggalos as comrades archive.iww.org/node/9022/

@ItsMorgan "We want to acknowledge that while there are themes in ICP’s music we support (anti-racism, anti-elitism, anti-classism), there are also problematic aspects such as misogyny and homophobia. We want to show solidarity to the Juggalos doing work around these things, and around toxic masculinity generally, while also remembering that not everyone has access to help or experience working through these issues as we do. Juggalos can teach us new things about family and mutual aid—and we can teach them new things about consent and power dynamics. Through a compassionate exchange of information, we can emerge as comrades. Struggalo Circus is a community doing that groundwork now. It contains Juggalos and members of IWW, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the Degenderettes, Stand Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), and more."

-from the official statement

@posadistprincess Given that ICP was originally set up as some kind of crazy fundo Christian plan to bring lost youth to Jesus, the Struggalo Circus is a fantastic detournment of that reactionary goal. Keep up the good work!


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