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why is no one talking about the mouthfeel? as in, my lewd blog @mouthfeel

my back walls are my "load" bearing walls if you get what i mean do you get what i mean

That Netflix fictionalized biographical series about Trotsky (lewd) 

Boost if the first girl is just as pretty as the second girl

:anarchism: :anarchismred:

covering my entire body in chalkboard paint and inviting you to do long division

- and long 

- and long 

dunking my dick and balls in ethically sourced coconut milk

John McAfee is a huge pet. And that's valid!

PROSTATE orgasm? no thank you im an anarchist, im not pro-state anything

The best line from the movie Alien is when they say: "it is a alien"

ah yes the lawful top to chaotic bottom alignment chart

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