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we are well past the time for introductions but i feel weird not having a few things said for the folks looking at my account

my names riley, and im a person. please remember that. also please remember that its a good idea to have your pronouns in your bio before follow requesting cause im probly not gonna approve it or follow back if you dont, cause you might be a bot or right wing weirdo.

thanks for reading :ancomheart:

you had it set to M for Mic Night when you should have had it set to D for Divorce

closed mic night. i am walking up anyways and delivering my tight five. the booked performers are not pleased

gentoo is the longest running bit on the internet and its time we stop pretending its a real operating system
(posted from my linux phone)

installing gentoo on my dick and balls. i cant make it work either, give me a minute

dick like launch codes and balls like a nuclear winter

really windows. ive gone a year not bothering to switch to a better OS and ur gonna go and make the taskbar opaque, forcing me to switch purely on aesthetic sensibilities

every time this gets a notif i am going to listen to it again

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doing a survival run of this game and im a tad frustrated with probably the silliest thing here

the damage is supposed to be more realistic; you get hit a few times, you die. a bullet to the head is almost a guaranteed death. however, i can shoot enemies multiple times in the head without them dying, normal human enemies that is. makes sense for a super mutant or the like to be able to take that kind of punishment but a high level raider? theyre human too, make a headshot instakill on your "realistic" difficulty or dont bother claiming it goes both ways

im not exactly too annoyed, i did this for the challenge out of pure masochism, but i couldnt not complain about SOMETHING yknow

comedy can be learned. posting, however, should not be

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funny how patd was only good when dallon weekes was involved. almost like brendon urie is actually not a good musician

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