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im a vile little enby with a brain made of insulation thats not up to code. if u or a loved one has been afflicted with mesothelioma as a result of my posts you may be entitled to compensation

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lofi hiphop beats to sit on your dick, cum in your own ass, and give birth to yourself nine months later to

jokerifying lady justice (the one with the sord n scale)

ah good now that its april i am no longer nerfed with being visible and can resume my highly profitable career as a gem thief

oh god why, pers 

where did this mf get semi auto pistol in what looks like warring states era japan

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boss name: Isshin, the Sword Saint

boss's weapons: Giant Spear, Glock 19

what if we kissed in the lightvof a burning flag, and we were both girls :blobcatblush: :blobcatblush: :blobcatblush:

I am sitting on my porch, reading a copy of atlas shrugged, with a t shirt cannon and a stack of heads of lettuce in case a bitch violates the NAP

fear not the dork, my friend, and let the feast begin 😏

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