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ass night (my ass lewd nsfw) 

folks, im beginning to think that paid streaming services may not be the best way to listen to music,,,,

The DIY approach to self presentation is, i think, one of the biggest aspects of this. The punk aesthetic is applicable to anyone; liberty spikes and leather jackets know no gender.

As a musical genre, punk is loud, angry, and unapologetic. Theres a catharsis to meeting in the mosh pit with a bunch of like minded strangers and just going fuckin wild. Screaming along cause none of you can sing, especially not the frontman.

Ill get back to this in a bit, gotta get back to work

Gonna try to update this thread as much as i can throughout the night, im at work for another 6 hours and its busy as fuck so it may be infrequent til then.

What is it about punk rock that makes it so attractive to people of queer identities? At its heart, punk is a rejection of the cultural norm, anathema to the status quo. The same status quo that labels us as freaks and casts us out.

ok damn uh i guess ppl are more interested than i thought. ill do a proper thread on it tomorrow, i have a lot to say on the topic, and i am far too tired rn to organize it coherently.

for now though, id just like to point out that cass was spot on; punk, as an art style, functions as a voice for the voiceless. a way to demand to be heard when society demands silence.

i use present tense because while people like to say that punk is past its heyday and i would just like to say that people have been saying that since the sex pistols hit the scene and people are still making punk rock today. the style is different sure, but if it remained traditional, that wouldnt be very punk, now, would it?

this is already getting a bit scattered. promise ill do a thread on it with better writing tomorrow <3

love two be awake for so long that morning crew is in full posting hours

submerging myself in glitter because i want to be the sparkliest girl

has anyone done a thing on why queer people are so attracted to the punk scene/aesthetic or should i get writing

Thinking about becoming an account that only posts about weed


practicing self ownership by exposing myself as a complete and utter clown on the tl

Horny communist memeing 

Selfie ec boosts v good 

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