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As the 21st century philosopher Big Sean once said, " I'm either fuckin or workin, so the grind don't stop"

my cat is half asleep grooming herself and just startede licking my arm for a cpuple of minutes before shaking herself awake and going back to grroming herself

alc, bad or worse decsions 

lining up cans on a fence and knocking them over by blasting ropes from 10 feet away

(billie eilish voice) When We All Log Off, Where Do We Go?

why am i like this, u ask? well ya see i really misunderstood the message of the DARE program,

alc lewd 

everything is theft, except actual theft, which is praxis

turning a big dial taht says "ideology" and constantly looking back at the crowd for approval

look I only drink two things: battery acid and cum, so unless u got a mountain of double a batteries lying around you best drop trou

night crew more like height crew where my tall nocturnal peeps at

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