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I've made a newsletter! First email to go out tonight/tomorrow morning! Please share widely:

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look im just saying that all of you FOSS bros dont get how fanfiction and Ao3 is the pinnacle of all your ideals

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thank you for replying to my shitpost with a sincere answer. stop that

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i think i figured out the lotion i was using to uh fix my dry and itchy hands was mm making them itch worse

wow ive had my newsletter for exactly one month and ive sent out 7 letters!

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listening to @ponfarr’s beautiful graduation playlist and it’s just perfect for this slow, cozy, rainy morning 💖

wow just realized i had a whole ass dream about struggling to tie my hair up with a scarf

im thinking of switching to substack just bc they have slightly more formatting options

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anyone on mastodon could tell you what kind of gay person you are. only i know what kind of straight man everyone is. go ahead. ask me

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this is the newsletter where i dox myself so get it while its hot

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newsletter going out tonight! pls sign up to get a little blast of what parts of the internet i find interesting

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that was actually a masto deep cut if u kno u kno

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gonna make an instance w the url

(for the)

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