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to fav is chthonic. to reply? infernal. boosting is a handhold on the thrones of the divine

ashjajfdsafds stan is gender-neutral fangirl/boy

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Its Father's Day can I get some boosts?

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imagine if the spam was, "hahaha knzk is back up" and it was being posted on july 2 .. a better world

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If he's your dad then why's he proud of me

i need a new podcast to listen to. maybe ill get back into the read

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Hello here is me playing a very short version of the Katamari Damacy theme on a melodica

if you dont have your next 5 cat names planned out who are you

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Taking an anonymous poll of religious affiliation on Mastodon. Please select the religious affiliation that best suits you.

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@HYPERLINK several people, almost all at once, stand up and clatter their selfie sticks against one another, knocking over cups of coffee as they start high energy first of the day vlogs

they arent interrupting each other
their HeyyWHATISUPs and calls to action simply roll over themselves like crashing waves

The coffee shop is chaos as disparate sponsor scripts break what little cohesion they had
They want to tell you about hiring on square apron box

a mother abandons her crying child to flee


i dont even have one foot on the ground thats how gay i am

i woulda packed something but we only have bread and condiments at home.

my posture tells you that i am not working but my typing speed tells a different story

im alone in the office, let the sheryl crow blast

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