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I've made a newsletter! First email to go out tonight/tomorrow morning! Please share widely:

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look im just saying that all of you FOSS bros dont get how fanfiction and Ao3 is the pinnacle of all your ideals

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thank you for replying to my shitpost with a sincere answer. stop that

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she wants to send me the link bc its scary and crazy that its not available anywhere 🙃 haha

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fuck this girl is talking to me about that one hydro whatever conspiracy video and she believes it ugh

hmmm cotton for socks tho? i think it probably needs some acrylic klsdfajds rrrrrrgh

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that being said why would you knit a dishcloth dont spend your precious time and money on something made to get dirty omg. maybe if you got the yarn for free or something

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i dont know what part of my brain it is that sees every single one of these bakery twine yarns and wants them all

does forest green go with soft pink or nah

i cant find a new free sock pattern i love so i may just use the same one again as a base and just add some colors etc?

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job opening: payroll, remote 

probably a long shot in this crowd, but i know how hard it sucks to look for work.

the company i work for (a boston area accounting company) is hiring a US-based part-time payroll processor.

QB experience needed, IOP experience helpful but not required.

the position is totally remote, with permanent employee status (W2 not 1099), sick time, vacation pay. No insurance.

posting hasn't gone live yet but if you DM me, i'll send you a link when it does. (very soon)

anyone have any free sock pattern recommendations?

the ableism/epilepsy thing is yeah

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selfies of me being the cute little rascal that you all know and love (ec)

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Since the unemployment expansion is expiring, my job has permanently closed, and nobody in my industry is hiring (especially for positions at my level), I'm gonna need help making ends meet. Anything helps.

Venmo: @steviemcfly

Cash App: $steviexmcfly

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[violently shaking the shoebox that the fediverse lives in] hey you awake


oh my god the reply-all podcast guys just described qanon as horoscopes for crazy boomers 😂

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No, mum. You can't just "pause" mastodon. If I log off they're going to either start attacking each other like feral animals or make a new meme that isn't funny. This is very important.

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