human activity is already killing these undersea places that almost nobody has even seen

these mining companies are just going to strip mine the seafloor now i guess, killing everything down there as well as pumping sediment into the upper parts of the water column

fished a dead frog covered in mold out of the water jug

the hive is installed in the garden with a stand and roof. the whole thing is made out of scrap

built a top-bar hive today. going to get a bit of comb from the neighbors to get a colony going

it's also not exclusive. there are many ways to belong to the land and to help care for it. a sizable percentage of the amazon rainforest is terra preta soil, intentionally cultivated fertile soil in otherwise infertile areas that lasts for thousands of years

thinking about how this framing of "overpopulation" or "carrying capacity" is so off-base. we have a responsibility to the land we live on to help it to support human and non-human life. that is a mutual process, not an extractive one.

constant thunder and showers for several days. very good for the plants.

New York is nothing without the Midwest, without California. Without an empire behind it, without a grand and glorious West to lead people onward and outward, without frontiers and genocide and death and promise, New York would have no significance at all. It is as a Golden Door that the city endures, and with no gold behind it, it would be only an oddity.

rain is letting up temporarily so i'm going to do the rounds to check in on all the plants. see if they need anything

«Rather, the Tlingit potato is related to certain South American tubers, and arrived in Southeast Alaska several hundred years ago, likely through Tlingit voyages and trade routes.»

«...oral histories tell of long voyages to the south in which the Tlingit would have come into contact with other Native people growing or trading these foreign potatoes.

“They have a story where canoes went down, all along the coastline, all the way down as far as they could go.”»

people going to work like usual as if we're not living through a mass extinction event

modernization is when you use fossil fuels to deplete the soil, poison birds and insects, reduce biodiversity, draw down aquifers, create toxic algae blooms downstream, and the more fossil fuels you use, the more modernized it is

they point out that the land use is lower for growing, but there is no analysis of how much land the added materials and energy production take up. not to mention the complimentary uses of cultivated areas for wildlife

food literally grows on trees, but people are out there building factories for growing salad greens with huge material and energy inputs

imagine buying yeast, an organism that lives on basically everything and is very easy to cultivate by making a starter culture or doing wild fermentation

a facility that size can only grow enough greens for ~100 families. no mention of where other food or caloric base load would come from in this eco-modernist hellscape of indoor farming. all those raw materials to make the building, grow columns. energy required for temperature regulation and grow lights (in other facilities, not this one necessarily)

remember to sit in well drained soils unless your roots require periodic submersion

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