Love to have internalized the narrative that to be human is to generate value for someone else at the expense of your own well being

Every place has its problem, but visiting Ireland really drove home how much living in America feels like being in an insane pressure cooker at all times

The day after St. Paddy’s Day, feeling a very strong mood from the songs of my immigrant ancestors about how much America sucks and I just want to be back home

Rented a cabin for the Mastodon Southeast meet up. Bring your own Necronomicon.

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hey it’s my birthday!!! can i get some boosts u fucken boomers!!!

Still blown away by the addition to the Potter canon that wizards just piss and shit on the floor

A dark day for candy fetishists as the Green M&M unzips her outer shell and reveals her inner Meghan McCain

As Saint Patrick explained, the three leaves of the clover represent

1) XMAS is balls
2) Fuck Santa
3) I.R.A.

Every year someone posts this in my family's group chat on WhatsApp and I just love it

All I want this Saint Patrick’s Day is for the taint of the British Empire and it’s ideological inheritors to be wiped clean from the Earth 🇮🇪 ☘️ 💚

The existence of Ryan Gosling implies the existence of a much larger and older Ryan Goose

Screw Jump Force give me Syndicate Force with like Popeye and Nancy and shit

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