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I don't understand what's happening on Mastodon.

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I sometimes wish I had physical form and wasn't just a concept drifting through the Γ¦ther.

Jordan Peterson
is just
Marie Kondo
for people who like
Family Guy

My oldest: "Who is that guy from the eighties that looked like Harry Potter?"
Me: "John Lennon?"
Her: "that's it."

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Feeling pretty bleak. I don't know what I'm doing, and life is rapidly slipping through my fingers. I'm just utterly lost.

Check it out: skatebeard

I will never be able to remember which one convex is without first stopping to think "well concave goes in, like a cave".

If I knew them I think I'd only be able to distinguish them by height.

The sun really does bring the obnoxious arseholes out.

A gaggle of loud presumably drunk men with identical haircuts, fashionably disheveled stubble, shorts, and sunglasses just boarded the train.

Suggestion: pronounce "and/or" as "'and' or 'or'".

I just got seven rolls of film developed, and there's like four pictures which aren't utter, utter garbage. I feel like I'm getting worse at photography rather than better. It's so disheartening.

If I were a despot I would mainly do petty stuff like make popcorn illegal in cinemas.

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The Smiths - How Soon is "In a Minute, Mum"?

when people say they want to hear it "from the horse's mouth", they are saying they won't believe it until a horse says it to them. and that's foolish

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