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I arrive in the thread eighteen hours late, valiantly posting the exact same joke as everyone else.

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I don't understand what's happening on Mastodon.

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I sometimes wish I had physical form and wasn't just a concept drifting through the Γ¦ther.

How do I keep myself from compulsively turning to social media, looking for answers?

"deal or no deal"'s appeal was in watching 10 people trapped in a room with random loot boxes for years gradually develop a new, coherent cargo-cult-ish religion in an attempt to make sense of their predicament

My company is too cheap to pay for hot water so in the winter my hands get gradually more fucked up by the cold every time I wash them.

It's just a great big cylinder of solid yogurt. I'd need an ice pick to get into this. Hopeless.

The dial in my fridge makes no sense and now I've accidentally frozen a great big tub of yogurt.

VR game where you're in an office and your secretary is telling you some gentlemen are here to see you and you're frantically trying to shred papers with your clumsy VR hands and your wife keeps calling and she's like "Harold, there's men at the door" and you keep shredding away "they say they're from the FBI" shredding noises "They're going through your office" shredding *pounding knocks on door* shred shred *wife crying on speaker phone *shred shred* :lsd_face2:

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