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I don't understand what's happening on Mastodon.

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I sometimes wish I had physical form and wasn't just a concept drifting through the Γ¦ther.

There was a gas smell in my flat, but I was not exploded.

*the overture from 2001:A Space Odyssey OST starts playing*

me: *skanking like an absolute villain*

Trying to understand some feelings about houses and doors and fences and alleys.

@sophia @pjm a friend who'd been learning to make crumpets offered him one once. He took one, put it in his mouth without taking a bite, then held it there awkwardly for a full minute before putting it back on the plate, damp, with the others and saying "No. No I don't like that".

Have you seen his rider for being hosted? Includes sections on what temperatures he can/cannot sleep at, and "i love parrots but DO NOT buy a parrot just to impress me"

finally the discourse has arrived at predicate logic

@Robby *sitting in my freshman formal logic class* I can't wait to use this to be a condescending dick online

if you ever have some time to kill and want to laugh at how Extremely Online some Wikipedia editors are, check out this page:

ways I'm like the Wikipedia editing community:

-I assume good faith
-I believe in second chances
-I get in raging arguments about extremely banal and inconsequential things

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