@pizzacat I agree with the message but this seems like a bad example of its power; you can send tweets to @Target without a union


An individual tweeting that at their boss would be labeled as a troublemaker and get targeted for harassment and pushed to resign or risk being fired, a nonemployee tweeting that at a boss would be ignored. A union representing workers tweeting that at a boss is, for what it’s worth, protected activity and is the best way to speak to power.

@technomancy that said, here’s an idea for an escalation model, for job actions that can be taken to win workplace demands, after a worker has built a shopfloor committee with their coworkers.

this is just a generic model and would need to be modified for each specific workplace. For example, for some workplaces, a petition may be higher pressure than a march on the boss.

LB: gee, I can't imagine why Twitter is trying desperately to smear Masto. definitely not money reasons. nope nope nope

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