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I generally try to use content warnings and caption/ocr images, if I miss one just lmk.

I am a work in progress and open to constructive criticism. If I say or do something problematic, pls know you can call me in on it, and I will likely thank you for it and apologize for your emotional labor.

I have one other account which I don’t use at this time (@pizzacat), if i make another I will link it here. I may shitpost, vent, share calls to action, phone zaps, fundraisers.

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I am very shy but I am very food motivated so I am just a few treats away from being your new best friend.

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queer aceposting 

I am not a top, or a bottom, or a switch.

I am a Disaster Gay, and I have come here for the cuddles.

why yes I am GGG

Going to play some board

sounds lewd but isn’t 

Assawoman, VA is right across the bay from Wallops Island.

no one is free until we are all free. We need to get as much people out of prison as possible. every single one of them are comrades with no voice, they aren't even allowed to vote

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Important mh PSA: 

and a side note, this may seem like common sense to those of us who have suffered from panic attacks our whole lives, but there are going to be a lot of people who do not generally have anxiety issues getting panic attacks over the next few days, and they will not know how to immediately cope with them to reduce the severity of their impact.

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Important mh PSA: 

If you believe you're having a panic attack at any point over the next week or so, remember to try and focus on your breathing. Breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose and out your mouth, try and keep a rhythym - hyperventillating will reduce the amount of oxygen getting to your brain and make it harder to stop the spiral. Been dealing with severe anxiety for years and this really, actually helps.

VERY CLOSE TO GOAL ($740/$790) re URGENT CROWDFUNDING DUE NOV 4: Providence, RI single mom needs rent money and a new phone; cashapp or paypal 

Teylanii is at $740/$790, or $50 away from the goal!!

cashapp: $roetheboat

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mh (+) 

Strange bit of advice: if you feel really tired and your mental health is out of whack, go in the shower and put the water as cold as you can stand it. My therapist has been telling me this over and over, and I had never wanted to try it. But this morning, I was like "whatever helps," and... well, shit, I don't know what happened, but I bounced back pretty significantly.

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@pizzacat Access to spaces to organise with people where you live?

Idk, as a USian (abroad), I'd really like to be doing... something either for my country of residence *or* my country of origin. Whatever that something is, idk.

Or a commune sort of thing. Like a space where people in need can live, can produce and/or acquire what they need, and can also be a pet rescue (for calming needs!).

birdsite is offering emotional support Canadians to Americans in need. what can masto offer?

Please sign & share!

Sign today to ask that the World Bread Awards USA remove NYC bakery owner Amy Scherber as a judge in the bread competition for her anti-union, anti-worker actions.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but there’s a tv channel just for dogs and you can subscribe to it through Groupon:

I’m probably gonna be watching movies tonight with some friends on Kast to keep our minds off the elections. If anyone wants to join, I’ll post the link later. We’re thinking of starting around 7 pm eastern.

In the hopper: Troll 2, the new Craft, maybe some Ghibli, or Shark Week videos.

my american friends, i know many of you think 'voting' is for 'chumps', but this election is too important, so i beg of you, swallow your pride and write in a vote for me, lennie from radical town

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