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be like ham, my friend. you put ham in a cup it becomes the cup, you put ham in a bottle it becomes the bottle. ham can flow, or it can crash. be ham, my friend.

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*takes a long swig from a bottle labeled "daddy's posting juice"* ahhh alright let's get this fuckin show on the road... 

surprised im still here, i really thought this would be one of those things that people check out for a week or two and forget about. shoutouts too my epic online crew....... i like you

just blocked st. jude's hospital on twitter. i am untouchable, a god among men

thinking about becoming the guy who tells everyone on here that their food looks like shit

what would happen if i started posting pics of my shits on here. just curious


I fight for other's rights to be horny on the tl, that's what i fought for overseas and i'd do it again in a heartbeat (though i can never be horny online again because my hog got blown off from shrapnel)

when it comes to 9/11, I;m thinking about thos Beams

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