learning about spy cops in britain taught me that:

a) police infiltration happens even in petty, ineffective groups

b) police infiltrators are trying to stop ppl from doing anything as mildly disruptive as attending a march, they don't have to be worried you're an imminent revolutionary threat

c) police infiltrators passively collect info and wait for opportunities to reinforce a group's most self-destructive tendencies

d) police infiltrators actually really are pretty decent at not getting caught. just vibe checking ppl doesn't protect you, and neither does getting paranoid.

the way to defend against police infiltration is to uphold a rigorous infosec policy that only ever shares sensitive info with the smallest group who needs to know it, no matter how much you trust the people who don't, and to proactively purge self-destructive tendencies, regardless of whether they came from a cop, are exploited by cops, or are not cop related at all and are just bad on their own merit

the most consistent behavior that stands out from infiltrators (usually in retrospect) is that they're gossips. they share info they don't need to (including personal!) with the hopes that you'll do the same or that they'll at least be able to introduce personal friction.

i personally wouldn't take gossiping as conclusive evidence that someone is a cop, but you should definitely take it seriously as the kind of shit cops do to make our work harder and so is unacceptable regardless of whether any individual actually is a cop

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any way, trueanon did a good interview with a guy who's group got infiltrated

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